Friday, February 1, 2008

How to reduce melanin from skin? How to break down colour pigments without any harmful effect?

by SpotRemoving

It is no doubt that everyone will face with the dark pigment problem in their skins by time passing forward. It is not only the age around 50’s facing this problem, but also starting from 15’s.

From the age of 15 onwards, the condition of our skin—the largest human organ-- declines steadily. It is the law of nature. Women as early as in their 15s have started taking skin care supplement to maintain their looks and gain their self esteem.

How can we reduce melanin from skin? Before we go deep into the solution, we should know about why there the melanin will increase in our skin first.

Increasing melanin is the same case as Skin darkening, color changes, premature ageing or hyperpigmentation. With their consequent effect on hormonal balance and the metabolic rate, tend to undermine skin regeneration.

The reasons of increasing melanin in skin (in short):

1. everyday pressures,

2. unbalanced dietary habits,

3. overexposure to ultraviolet rays,

4. overexposure to radiation,

5. internal disorders,

In general, they will result in overly oily or overly dry skin, often with the appearance of acne, unwanted colour spots, loosening and a general deterioration of skin tone.

How can we solve the melanin problem?

Once you know the reason behind, and solve it one by one.


1. everyday pressures: to try to relax even it is tough. Depth breathing, Listening music, doing exercise can help to reduce pressure.

2. unbalanced dietary habits: to discuss about this long topic for health diet in short is difficult, however, regular timing for meat is the first, more vegetable is need. Many points can be write in next article.

3. overexposure to ultraviolet rays: to use sunscreen when outdoors, cover enough clothes when outdoors.

4. overexposure to radiation: to try your best to stay away from TV, Computer, Mobile phone……

5. internal disorders: to use some recommended skin care products which can provide right nutrition such as Vitamins A, B & C, in order to break down colour pigments without any harmful effect. It enhances skin metabolism, to give youthful radiance to all areas where it is applied.

In any experts’ advice, by combining skin care products, healthy diet, follow a positive lifestyle and good habits together with taking daily skin care supplement to keep your skin, looks and age in tip top condition.

About the Author: SpotRemoving has a passion for skin care, especially remove black spots in skin, remove nipple dark pigments and resume pink lips. After Aurthor’s friend suffering from hyperpigmentation for years, Author offers a lot of information about resume pink by break down color pigment in 7 days tips. In