Thursday, December 17, 2009

Copper peptides for Melanin Reduction

Copper peptides are part of the new wave of skin care breakthroughs. It is only recently that dermatologists have studied and discovered their antioxidant abilities.

Copper is found in minimal quantities in our cells, however once it has been converted to copper peptide does it yield a host of skin care benefits - one of them being a decrease in melanin retention and production of cells. Being an antioxidant, copper peptides fight off free radicals before they get a chance to destroy our healthy skin cells, and subsequently trigger defense responses within them (increase in melanin is a primary skin defense mechanism). Also, I should note, just like Vitamin C, copper peptides stimulate collagen synthesis (plumper, fuller skin).

The skin lightening process of copper peptides is gradual and mild, just like a Vitamin C serum. Ironically, Vitamin C and Copper Peptides should never be used together. The two of them applied together, or layered upon one another cancels each other out and the effectiveness of each dwindles.

Copper peptides are now being featured in many products now - all targeting either pigmentation or anti-aging. The study I am going to link below shows how in one particular trial, copper peptides proved to be an alternative to hydroquinone (obviously taking much longer to see similar results). But the important thing is copper peptides have low toxicity and are not risky like hydroquinone use.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Remove Age Spots on Hands Now!

Boy did I learn a valuable lesson. In order to remove, new safe medicines faster, age spots on hands safely, you may need to use a cream that was designed for the face. Manufacturers often make products, new safe medicines faster, for specific parts of the body, but actually, the skin on the back of the hand is very similar to that of the face, both in composition and in the amount of sun exposure it gets.

Most people remember to apply sun-block to their faces, but how often have you seen someone put it on their hands.

Only rarely does the skin on that area burn. So, we often forget it. But, this little bit of neglect adds up over the years and before you know it, you may see wrinkles, lost firmness or age spots.

Those things may appear anywhere on the body, but if you notice, areas of your body that are normally protected by clothing, new safe medicines faster, look younger than areas that are not. We rarely cover our faces or necks. Most people only wear gloves when it, new safe medicines faster, is cold.

So, these areas suffer, new safe medicines faster, the most and the skin looks older, faster than on other parts of the body.

You can safely remove age spots on hands, face or any other part of the body with a cream that contains extracts from the nut-grass root. The plant goes by various names, new safe medicines faster, in different countries. It is so prolific; it is often considered a weed. But, the root of this weed has medicinal activity.

It has been used for many years as a natural anti-irritant, to prevent bruising and promote healing.

Recently, a German company found that at specific concentrations it would inhibit melanin production.

That spot that you see is a clump of cells containing the pigment melanin. So, inhibiting melanin production is a part of how to remove age spots on hands and elsewhere. Stimulating the production of new cells is the other part.

The new cells will contain less melanin, so they will be lighter in color. But, the production of new cells slows down as we get older. Exfoliation is sometimes recommended to increase the cell turn over rate, but that often causes redness and irritation.

There is a protein complex that has been shown to stimulate the production of new cells by as much as 160% in as little as three days time.

That complex will allow you to remove age spots on hands, make the skin look younger and be healthier, too. In testing, it was shown to increase firmness, reduce redness, inhibit inflammation, act as an antioxidant, and improve the skin’s moisture content. Even its ability to retain moisture was found to improve. It is called Functional, new safe medicines faster, Keratin and there is nothing else like it on the market.

Make no mistake about it. You won’t find Functional Keratin in the big name brands. It is a natural protein complex extracted from sheep’s, new safe medicines faster, wool and quantities are limited. Most other suggestions for how to remove age spots, new safe medicines faster, on hands are not safe. Some of the creams on the market increase your cancer risk. Remember to always shop with care.