Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lessen the Look of Dark Undereye Circles

It happens to the best of us—our lives get busy, and we skimp on sleep, eat a less-than-stellar diet and let stress get out of hand. Besides affecting how we feel and our overall health, rough times can take a toll on physical appearance. And one of the first places it starts to show is under our eyes.
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Dark undereye circles are a complaint for many women—and rightly so! They make you look tired, unhealthy and older than you actually are. They’re also hard to conceal, especially when puffiness comes into play.
Many things contribute to the development of dark circles—with lack of sleep and stress being the most commonly blamed. Genetics is another cause. If your mother has dark circles under her eyes, chances are you’ll develop them, too. Aging also plays a part. As we get older, the skin around the eyes starts thinning, revealing mini blood vessels just below the skin.
MyChelle eye care products feature technologically advanced peptides, antioxidants and shadow brightening and de-puffing ingredients to help address all of your underye circle concerns.
Start using the Magnolia Fresh Eyes twice a day to combat and diminish your dark circles. It contains magnolia leaf and daisy flower extracts to strengthen tissues and reduce the bruised appearance caused by undereye shadows. It’s also enriched with ultra-soothing calendula flower extract and allantoin to keep the delicate eye area calm and alleviate environmental stresses.
Finally, this light serum contains EYESERYL®, a skin-firming peptide that increases elasticity and has been shown to visibly reduce undereye “bags” within 14 days, while decreasing the look of undereye circles. This is a must-have product for fresh eyes!