Friday, November 26, 2010

The Most Effective And Powerful Skin Lightening Solution Is Here

Do you know what the most effective solution to achieve skin lightening is? No, it is not a chemical or surgical treatment. It is not a chemical based cream and lotion either.

I am talking about a skin lightening solution which has healthy as well as permanent results. You will be surprised to know that this can be comfortably achieved even while sitting at your home by using a natural and effectual skin care cream.

Now, the general state of mind would make you think that how can something so simple like a natural skin care cream help achieve something which even strong and powerful skin treatments and surgeries fail to provide.

The difference here is that these natural skin care creams are not the normal, ineffective ones. They are the ones which have wonderful and powerful natural substances that have already been tested and proven themselves.

In order to understand how such a skin lightening cream would work, let me first share briefly, what causes dark and patchy skin at the first place.

Our skin contains a color pigment called Melanin. It is the content of Melanin which determines how dark your skin is going to be.

Now while there are some people who have high Melanin content since birth and hence are born with a dark skin; there are a few who develop a dark and patchy skin due to the damage caused by the harmful UV radiations coming from the sun.

These harmful rays actually stimulate the production of Melanin which when starts accumulating in the upper layer of the skin, takes the form of dirty looking patches known as age spots. It is these spots which make your skin look unclean, uneven and dark.

Having said that, if I ask you, what would be the best way to combat this situation; I am sure you will answer – to find out a way to reduce this Melanin content. And this is exactly what can be easily achieved by a powerful natural substance known as Extrapone Nutgrass Root.

It reduces Melanin by upto 40% and makes the skin light, bright and even again. When it is combined with the power of Phytessence Wakame; the skin is effectively protected from further damage being caused by the harmful UV rays. Isn’t this the best way to achieve skin lightening?

You have to try it to really believe it.

And don’t worry about the side effects. Since these substances are all-natural, there is no question of them causing any harm to your precious skin. They are nature’s gifts which have nothing but effective skin lightening to offer to you. So try them without having any fear of side effects.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Removing Age Spots on Your Face Using Only Natural Ingredients Proven To Work

The secret to removing age spots on your face naturally is simply to understand which ingredients work and why. Discover why these age spots appear and how you can start to fade them in a matter of weeks.

These brown spots can really age you and are a cause of much distress to many people, especially when you are not even that old. Perhaps the more correct term for them would be sun spots as over-exposure to the sun's powerful rays in your youth is the most likely reason.

Too much sun leads to the skin's pigment melanin being concentrated in one area too much and leading to an age spot. The best way of removing age spots on your face is to use a natural cream, free from any harsh chemicals like bleaching agents.

I am constantly surprised by the sheer amount of harmful chemicals the leading brands add, especially for removing age spots on face. The bleaching agents only provide a short-term solution and strip the natural oils from your skin and can discolour the area around the spots too.

The best natural whitening creams take a different approach by getting to the heart of the problem and ensuring the spots are gently faded and do not return.

The most potent and natural ingredient is Extrapone nutgrass and it is not only an anti-irritant but also reduces the over-production of melanin by up to 40%.

This helps to even out your skin texture and tone while healing any irritated areas and blemishes.

Natural oils are useful too and the best ones are Babassu and Grapeseed as they help to moisturize deep down to keep your skin soft and smooth.

Others like Cynergy TK and Phytessence wakame provide powerful antioxidants and essential nutrients that help to keep your skin in the best of health and prevent the spots from returning.

It is worth mentioning that another effective ingredient for removing age spots on face is omega 3 fish oil.

Taking premium oils with added antioxidants can help to reverse the effects of sun damage by moisturizing your skin from the inside out, reducing the roughness and scaling and increasing the thickness.

This results is softer and smoother, younger looking skin with a more even tone.

Using these ingredients helps you to gently and natural fade the age/sun spots on your face and reclaim your youthful looks.

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