Sunday, March 16, 2008

Skin Darkening Treatment Tips

by Juliet Cohen

Skin darkening can be a very embarrassing problem. Skin darkening is medically called as
hyperpigmentation. It occurs when certain skin cells release more pigment or dark color element. There are also different colors associated with skin. Darkening of the skin due to blueness is called cyanosis.

Darkening may sometimes occur from redness. Other types of skin darkening can result from sun exposure, certain dietary items, and certain chemicals. Skin darkening, color changes, or hyperpigmentation can be the symptom of some severe diseases and any such symptoms require prompt professional medical investigation. Skin darkening can occur during pregnancy when there are changes in the bodys hormone levels.

People who have a dark skin often have children who are dark-skinned too. The genes seem to pass on from generation to generation. Photo Allergens can also cause Darkening. Emotional stress can range from mood swings, loss of hope to downright depression because of the changes you need to do in your lifestyle as a result of this problem. Photo Allergens react with light and cause the skin to Darken.

Fragrances are top Photo Allergens. Some people have darkened skin in specific areas of their body, due to hereditary. Most skin darkening problems can be solved using skin creams specifically formulated for this purpose. Various shades and colors of human skin are created by the brown pigment, melanin.

Skin Darkening Treatment and Prevention Tips:

1. Use no soap or mild soap while washing your face or while taking bath.
2. Avoid all kings of perfumes which are having perfumes as this problem is due to some kind of perfumes.
3. Avoid using deodorants or perfumes especially those which are allergic to your body.
4. Protect yourself from the sun. Wear sunscreen.
5. Make a paste of tomato juice and oatmeal and apply it on your face.
6. A paste of turmeric powder and lemon juice helps to reduce tans.
7. Mix one spoon of honey, lemon juice, almond oil with milk powder and apply it on the face.

About the Author: Juliet Cohen writes articles for acne home remedies and skin diseases. She also writes articles for natural skin care.