Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Age Spot Removal - How to Remove Age Spots Quickly and Effectively

Probably you tried once to remove age spots on your skin but ended up having more of them. We call this hyper-pigmentation. Let us find out does this happens by beginning to understand age spots more clearly.

All about age spots

Age spots are actually blemishes on the skin, characterized by discoloration. They may be colored light brown, or dark brown and black in more severe cases. Age spots are primarily a result of too much exposure to the direct radiation of the sun. Of course, there is nothing basically wrong with the sun, in case you forget that. Gentle early morning sun helps us generate vitamin D on our skin. And this essential vitamin is largely involved in the healthy development of our bones and ligaments. Massive lack of vitamin D leads to the body's inability to produce more calcium, among others. When this happens, we experience a lot of troubles with our skeletal system. Our bones become weakened and tend to easily break.

Too much sunlight causes age spots

In the same manner, excessive exposure to the sun is also damaging, principally pertaining to your skin condition. It may cause super dryness on the skin surface, early development of wrinkles, melanoma or skin cancer, age spots and rapid loss of firmness, among others. Age spots normally appear to areas of your skin that are mostly exposed to the sun. These may be you face, hands, shoulders, forehead and upper back, among others. And these are where those creams are applied to remove age spots.

If you have no age spots yet, then you can render a good service to yourself by minimizing your exposure to the direct sunlight. I should remind you of the proverbial statement that prevention is better than cure. However, if you already have those ugly blemishes, then you should take extra effort in looking for the most effective and safest anti-age spot regimen and treatment.

Substances to avoid

Many common age spot creams are suspected of containing harmful chemicals that further damage your skin condition. If you are not familiar with those chemicals, you need to do little research on those you see in the ingredient list. Avoid also those containing alcohol and fragrance. You do not need them since they having nothing to do with removing age spots. Many of those synthetic compounds trigger a series of reactions on the skin that lead to overproduction of melanin. Instead of getting rid of your age spots, you actually end up having more. I hope you have not experienced this yet.

Melanin, by the way, is the naturally occurring pigment on the skin which is responsible in giving us skin color. Fair skinned people have lesser melanin on their skin layers. They are the ones more prone to having age spots than those of darker skin color

Choose natural ingredients

Choosing your skin care product that will ultimately remove age spots should be done very carefully. Examine closely if any of those handcreams you intend to buy contain these essential natural ingredients, namely: Cynergy TK, Nano Lipobelle H-EQ10 and Phytessense Wakame. And not just that. In order for these hand creams to effectively remove age spots, they must be sufficiently present in the mixture. Otherwise, you will just be throwing away your money. These substances help you enhance your skin's overall condition by encouraging the rapid production of collagen. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein responsible for giving our skin its firm texture and elasticity.

My piece of advice? Buy only all natural hand cream I order for you to finally remove age spots on your skin.

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