Friday, January 13, 2012

Active Skin Lightening Agents Proven to Whiten Skin Safely and Efficiently

Skin lightening creams are formulated with natural plant extracts for the safest and most effective light skin. These plant extracts contain lighteners Bearberry, Mulberry, Scutellaria and licorice contains arbutin, an inhibitor of melanin. In conjunction with a sunscreen, they offer the safest way to make the skin on the face and body. Designed for long-term use, they have no harmful side effects of hydroquinone conventional mercury or steroid creams, which are now banned in the EU.

The quest for clear skin youth has existed since time immemorial. Famous women over the centuries were celebrated for their beauty and fair complexion.Includes made popular home remedies for clear skin, milk, lemon juice, herbs and licorice. Cleopatra was known to have bathed in asses’ milk for a look whiter. Fair skin creams, lotions and potions is an essential element of beauty in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and are as popular as tanning products on the market in the Caucasus. Today, as never before, there is a demand for Hugh creams, including bleach, to improve what Mother Nature provided, of course. Decorated a flawless complexion improves the functions that are still with cosmetics.

Safe and natural skin lightening

Produced commercially in recent years with the advent of cosmetics and toiletries, the mass production of skin-lightening creams and lotions was inevitable. Hydroquinone is a popular skin bleaching agents at concentrations of 2% to 4% or more are used. Mercury and steroids are used in skin care products that are designed to lighten the skin and in skin care market, used to promote whiter skin. These chemicals are known to be toxic when they are used continuously and dangerously. Possible side effects of skin lightening hydroquinone hyperpigmentation permanent base are white spots, uneven color and uneven skin thinner. Security concerns have to create products with Hydroquinone and Mercury in many countries, including the EU to ban out.

This led to a demand for alternative skin lighteners and products available that contain active ingredients, including vitamin C, and the lemon juice, but their effectiveness was limited. Then, a new brand of whitening agents, who were stronger, but surely introduced. Skin Safe fining agents that do not, undesirable side effects are natural plant extracts of bearberry (uva ursi), Mulberry, Licorice and Scutelleria. All of these contain arbutin, the active drug inhibits the production of melanin in the dermis. Although these whitening agents are safer alternatives, they are more expensive source, so that the skin whitening products with the extract of the Bearberry are formulated more expensive and finer quality than the traditional mass-produced media products. Other natural depigmenting include azelaic acid, kojic acid, and the component of grain, a byproduct of the Japanese rice wine.

Today, skin whitening products from natural plant extracts formulated ideal for long-term use, because they have no side effects or cause thinning of skin brighteners were notorious for traditional. In conjunction with a sunscreen, they offer the safest way to make even the skin on the face and body.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Skin Lightening Tips For Darker Skin

If you have dark skin color, you need to lighten skin tips that look without damaging your skin work. The main causes of concern for many women around the world is the color of their skin. There are different cultures in the world that a stigma put on dark skin. This is the obsession with fair skin that the market flooded with numerous skin whitening products provide solutions for almost all skin problems, to the darkening of the skin. Both men and women are willing to spend a fortune to the lighter skin, they dream of themselves, those who are blessed with naturally light skin care products such aussi go for the fairness and keep the skin easily. Fairness products are a fairly large market in the world today. Celebrities and people alike are looking for ways to achieve a white and flawless skin.

There are several ways that you can achieve very good skin lightening effect. Color of skin is genetically determined. A pigment called melanin is responsible for fair or dark skin. Those who have a high melanin content, of course, are darker than those with less melanin and so bright with a skin. Since there is a genetic factor, you can do nothing to alter the level of ICT within. However, there are products to prevent, the production of melanin and make skin lighter Malthus Can.

Target, this method of whitening the skin is not without negative consequences. Melanin is the agent, the skin from the dangers caused by sun exposure protects MULTIPLE. If the production of melanin by the use of skin whitening products is inhibited, the skin loses natural sun protection and ITS Becomes susceptible to skin diseases including cancer. Therefore, those who use these products to lighten the skin a sun cream are forced to use whenever they step into the sun. There are side effects like skin rashes are others, inflammation, irritation, dryness, etc.. This is especially true for products that contain chemical ingredients. Long-term use of the product is not advisa Just as it could lead to further complications. Similarly, chemical peels remove the outer layer of skin exposed to the new skin underneath aussi harmful to the skin.

There are other options as well. They are completely natural and safe. Such a method to your skin with herbal products, or that natural ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber, wheat germ, almond, lime, orange, papaya, etc. contain Whiten. Another method for the thesis using the purest ingredients in the form, that is to bleach as whole fruit and fresh herbs from nature for your skin. You can apply, made home-made remedies from ingredients work and remain free from stress and have no side effects on aussi to Whiten your skin safely.

There is still a successful skin fairness program that each integrate into their daily lives without discomfort or complications. It is a combination of a balanced diet and adequate exercise of the crowd. Add drink healthy foods in your diet, plenty of water, and regular exercise. It is not only good for your skin, your whole body receives benefits of this regimen and stay fit and functioning for a long time if you plan to stay without any affect.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Dark Spots under Eyes in Women

Dark Spots under the Eyes – Causes:

It is a very common and well known fact that depression, fatigue and even stress cause the occurrence of dark spots beneath the eyes. Dark spots are also a result of not being able to get enough sleep. It is not only the quantity of sleep which matters, but the quality too. Dark spots under the eyes are generally known to appear when you have not slept peacefully and are not rested properly.

dark circles

Get Rid of Dark Circles

Hormones are also another cause for the development of dark spots beneath the eyes. Well, this becomes a cause as sometimes, the hormones within the body secrete extra oil. Now, when this oil has not been released from the body properly, the pores on the surface of the skin get clogged. Researchers have stated that a certain type of bacteria dwell in blocked pores. This consequently causes not only spotting to occur under the eyes, but inflammation too.

When the sebaceous glands do not function properly, acne develops. The dark spots found beneath your eyes could be due to the presence of acne. Dark spots on the skin surface occur when the pores get blocked due to dirt, etc stuck to the face.

Hereditary factors play a key role in whether an individual develops dark spots beneath the eyes or not. Sometimes, dark spots beneath the eyes develop due to genetic factors. However, this is very rare. In people who are fair, the dark patch under the eyes is very prominent.

An unhealthy diet as well as a lack of body fluids serves as another very strong cause for dark spots to be found beneath an individual’s eyes. When the body is not provided with substantial amounts of water or other fluids, dryness sets in. It is this dryness as well as partial dehydration of the skin that eventually leads to dark circles under the eyes.

Lack of sleep, tension and stress are some of the main causes for men to get dark circles under the eyes. But, similar problems may be caused as a result of certain hormonal complications, such as low amounts of testosterone. Dark spots under the eyes in men could be the result of extra exposure to the sun, dust allergies, aging, allergies to molds, etc.

Getting Rid of those Dark Spots Under the Eyes:

Undergoing laser treatments is an ideal option and most effective too, for getting rid of dark spots beneath the eyes.

Applying good quality concealer and even makeup is another option to conceal dark spots as well as dark circles beneath the eyes. However, this is only a temporary solution.

Here is another simple home remedy which is quite effective too. All you need to do is take some glycerin; mix in only about half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this mixture beneath

your eyes and completely cover the dark circles and dark spots. This home remedy will help reduce these dark circles and even the dark spots.

How to Prevent Dark Spots under the Eyes from Occurring:

Approximately 8 – 9 hours of complete and uninterrupted sleep every single day is an absolute must.

Make it a point to drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is also another way to avoid getting dark circles and dark spots.

Eat well and eat healthy food. Try not to change your diet too often. Try to stay stress – free as much as possible.

Hydroquinone is a topical medication that helps to effectively reduce dark spots and dark circles. However, in spite of its effectiveness do not apply this medication without consulting your healthcare professional first.