Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tips To Choose The Right Lipstick For Dark Lips

Getting the right kind of lipstick is very important. This should be in line with the clothes that you are wearing. It should also match the occasion. The way you look will matter greatly. There are many reasons to have dark lips. Exposure to the sun, excessive caffeine intake, imbalance in the hormone, harmful UV rays and allergies are some factors that lead to dark lips. You can treat these dark lips by using beetroot paste or pomegranate scrub. These are some of the best ways to lighten the lip complexion. Having dark lips is in fact a problem, especially when you are looking for lip colours. This may make you stay away from the latest trend and fashion. You should know what colours to stick to it, so that the dark lips don’t show. Therefore, extra care should be taken to know the best lipstick for dark lips. Burgundy One of the best lipsticks for dark lips is burgundy. Dark lips can always carry off deep and bold colours. This is one of the best ways to hide any pigmentation. This will give your lips that elegant look. Red Whatever be the lips colour, red lipstick will always look glamourous. This will add glamour almost instantly. Red lipstick will give you that bold and beautiful look. Cold red will work very well on dark lips. Trying out lip colours before using them is one of the ways on how to choose lipstick for dark lips. No to Pink For people who have dark lips, it is always better to avoid light colours. Colours such as pink and peach should be completely avoided. The problem with this is that the light colour will not cover the pigmentation of the lips. If you still want to use it, you can use concealer and corrector to line with the lips. This is one of the best lipsticks for dark lips. Wine red There is no reason to say no to this colour. Don’t think that dark lipsticks will not suit dark texture. This will help in neutralising the pigmentation. There is no harm in trying new colours. Nude colours This is an all-time favourite, there is no doubt that this will go well with a day or a night look. Makeup is not too made up if you are wise enough to select nude colours. Gloss or opaque lipsticks can be used. You can highlight your eyes for a perfect look. Texture This will play an important role. It can be matte finish or a moisture lipstick. Care should be taken not to use glossy lipstick as this will show the pigmentation. Consider the colour of the lipstick before deciding the texture. Dark lips offer too many options to select from neutral and dark colours. But, be careful not to go for too light colours.