Friday, July 24, 2009

Dark Circles Natural Cure at Home

Home remedies for dark circles are considered to be the best healing method. It is natural way of curbing the dark blemishes under the eye which will not cause any harm to the skin.

1) Application of a thin sliced cucumber on top of each eye for 15 to 20 minutes, twice a day, relieves stress and cools down the eyes.
2) A mixture of almond oil and honey should be applied on the affected area every night before bedtime. You will see a remarkable improvement in two to three weeks.
3) Consume at least two to three liters of water on a daily basis. Water is a very essential remedy in this case and it flushes out the toxins present in the body.
4) Tea bags are known to be very effective in curing dark circles. A cold tea bag should be put on top of each eye for 10 to 15 minutes everyday.
5) Make a paste of fresh mint leaves and add a few drops of lime juice in it. Apply the mixture on the eyes and the dark circles for 10 to 15 minutes everyday and see the difference in two to three weeks.
6) Rose water is considered to be a natural coolant for the body and has been an old home remedy for generations. Apply two to three drops of rose water on a cotton ball and gently massage on the affected area of the eye for five to six minutes. You will see the result in two to three weeks. This method is considered to be one of the most effective cures for dark circles.

The dark circles treatment should be started as soon as possible to avoid it from increasing.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Natural effective ways to get rid of dark spots and pigmentation

To begin with, please don’t consider pigmentation as just a cosmetic problem. Yes, it can be very embarrassing for the sufferer, but it may mean a bit more than just the dark spots and patches on the face and body. Other than reasons like exposure to the sun, deficiencies of iron, calcium and vitamins also result in pigmentation. Sometimes, a liver malfunction is also responsible for the pigmentation. These factors damage the skin cells and cause an overproduction of melanin, the pigment that determines the color of our skin. So, it would be good if you visited a doctor and first ruled out any of the above mentioned ailments. And then, of course, you can make use of products from your own kitchen to get rid of the pigmentation, without needing to undergo procedures like photorejuvenation.

One of the natural and effective ways to get rid of dark spots and pigmented skin is by using vinegar as a toner or astringent. It is a chemically acetic acid, which helps in cleansing, lightening and softening the skin. Mix equal proportions of vinegar and water and cleanse your face or apply it with a swab of clean cotton. Let it dry naturally so that moisture is sealed in. It would be more beneficial if you used apple cider vinegar but normal white vinegar is helpful too. Do this regularly to see the difference in the tone of your skin. You can also mix apple cider vinegar with onion juice and apply it on the skin. Finely chop and then blend one onion, squeeze out the juice through a muslin or cheesecloth and add and equal amount of apple cider vinegar to it. Apply this juice on your face twice everyday. It will take several weeks but the pigmentation will be gone.

There are many products that have natural bleaching agents. Potato and lemon are two such products. You can apply the juice of lemon topically on the skin, keep it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off. The acidic properties of lemon will peel off the top layer of the skin safely and lighten the skin tone. But, make sure you don’t go out into the sun with lemon juice still on your skin because the lemon juice will only cause your skin to darken even further. Just like lemon, you can apply the juice or paste of a raw and peeled potato on your skin. Let it stand for approximately 20 minutes and then wash it off with cool water. Do any of these regularly and you will have soft and lighter skin complexion.