Thursday, November 12, 2009

Get Rid Of Spots : Take Out Spots and Odors Easily and Get Your Carpet Cleaner

Get Rid Of Spots :

Finding the right carpet for your home isn’t easy so it is important to have it look brand new at all times through a proper maintenance program. Let’s face it, you know carpet is not inexpensive, and a dirty spot can stand out in the room. With any spill and there is a possibility of permanent damage you like to remove it as quickly as possible. Pets and kids can be the biggest culprits to messing your carpets. Sometimes every time you turn around, a new stain can cause permanent damage. However, not to worry; there is an easy solution for these marks. Getting odors, spills and spots out of your carpets can seem overwhelming but there are a few tips and tricks you can learn which helps to keep them looking beautiful.

When you get odors in your carpet from pets and people smoking in your house, an odor remover sprayed on the carpet or carpet fresh can sometimes work fantastic. On the other hand, there are times when excessively strong odors are too overwhelming for a light spray or sprinkle of carpet fresh. For these times, you need a different solution. You can mix equal parts of water and white vinegar in a bottle and spray the carpet to get rid of the odor. Vinegar is amazing because it is a bactericide and it absorbs the odors and leaves the carpet free of odors.

When you have pet odors in the carpet from urine, you should try to eliminate the uric acid, which can be the cause of the smell. If you are contending with dried urine, there is a good chance it has crystallized in the carpet under pad. After you spray a mixture of vinegar and water on the carpets, you can apply baking soda to the area, and work it into the carpet pile with a brush. After you leave it to absorb into the carpet you then vacuum the carpet. If it’s a tough stain, it may take more than one treatment. If these homemade solutions don’t work, there are great products on the market that eliminate odors. These products will remove urine odors. Most people find it works for them. Just make sure to follow the instructions thoroughly to avoid any new problems popping up.

Larger stains can be harder to eliminate. Even though there are great stain removers on the market, you can find some great home remedies that work for a small portion of the price. Salt can help you remove a stain and at the same time leave your carpet brighter. With any stain, pour some table salt on it after you have cleaned it and let the salt soak up the residue. When this dries, you simply vacuum away the salt. This step gives your carpet a look of being fresh and new.

Occasionally the stain penetrates down to the under pad, and you need to treat it. This is a solution when you work from the bottom up by lifting the carpet. Use a mixture of dish detergent and water, and clean the under pad. Let the dirty water run out of the carpet, and when the under pad is clean you turn the carpet over and use the same method from the top. Using baking soda or salt after you have cleaned the spot will pull any residue of the stain out of the carpet.

If you remove spots on your carpets immediately when they appear and don’t allow the odors to remain, you can keep them looking and smelling good for years to come! You will get many more years out of the carpets following this procedure.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Educating Yourself on How to Remove Age Spots

Are you just plain fed up with age spots? They are not attractive. This is especially true if they begin to show up on your face.

While they also appear on your hands, feet and shoulders, the ones most people are more concerned with are the ones on their face. They are not harmful to the skin but they can be quite harmful to how you feel about yourself.

What are Age Spots?

Here is the good news. You do not have to simply give up and live with the unsightly dark spots. There are remedies.

If you are suffering from the blotchy age-spots that actually have nothing to do with your age, now is the time to find a solution. Knowing a little about these 'liver spots' or 'sun spots' can help you to find the best method for ridding your skin of the spots.

Age spots are due to the damage you have sustained from being in the sun. The melanocytes are cells that are responsible for producing melanin.

Those with lighter complexions will often have more problems with age-spots than a darker complected person. This is due to their skin having less melanin, which is needed to protect their skin from the sun.

There are Solutions for Age Spots

One method many people seek to rid themselves of age spots is laser treatment. However, this may not be an option for you as these treatments are very expensive.

These treatments can end up costing thousands of dollars. For the average person this is not an option they can afford.

Chemical peels are another option to remove age spots. They are not as expensive as laser treatments, but the price of this treatment is not cheap either.

Bleaching creams are another way of removing the age spots. The ones generally used are Retin-A or Alpha Hydroxy.

Be careful about using these products as they can actually work against you and make your skin even more sensitive to sunlight. Finding the right solution involves natural ingredients if you cannot afford the more expensive solutions.

Once you have the age-spots cleared from your skin, there are preventative methods to keep new ones from forming. Making sure your skin is protected from the harmful rays of the sun is the best place to start.

Use sunscreen if you are going to be in the sun anytime. The higher the number, the better it will protect you from UV rays.

Check out all natural products that will help to remove age spots over time. It is not going to happen overnight, but it will happen.

After all, the age-spots are due to years of exposure to the sun without using any type of protection for your skin. The use of sun screen will be one of the most important aspects to guard against the appearance of new age spots.

Put this to the test right away and begin to see the results of using an all natural product. Not only will you remove age spots, but your skin's appearance will improve if you stick to this solution.