Friday, February 28, 2014

Let’s Say Goodbye to Dark Circles Under the Eyes

[by Lee Zi Youn / translated by Cho Suyoun] People who often hear ‘You look tired’ or ‘You look sick’ have one thing in common: Dark Circle.

Dark circle is shadowed part under eyes created by pigmentation due to makeup or UV rays. Skin under eyes is only 0.6 mm thick, which is the thinnest skin part  in body without sebaceous glands.

Thus, this part reacts instantly when blood circulation is weak or one lacks sleep. Before you notice big dark circles, try to take care of fundamental reasons because hiding with concealer does not solve any problem.

>> Eating Right Foods

On KBS 2TV’s program ‘Happy Together,’ Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Joon Young once told that they feel less confident when they see themselves with dark circles in mirror. To solve this problem, Kim Hyun Joong actually eats lots of salmon and brocoli.

In salmon, there are lots of omega 3 ingredients, which remove pigmentation. Brocoli, on the other hand, contains two times more of vitamin C than lemon. Carrots and cabbages are also helpful as they contain lots of vitamin A.
>> Change Lifestyle Pattern

Dark circle often appears when sleep is not enough. Having enough sleep is the best solution, but if it’s difficult, regular eye exercise could also help. Rolling eyes 180 degrees and massaging around eye areas are very great to keep eyes away from fatigue.

In addition, dark circle often appears when makeup is still left on skin. To avoid this problem, one must cleanse the skin perfectly without irritating. Regular tissue could cause fine wrinkles so tissue that is wet in oil ingredients is the best option.

>> Care with Cosmetics

Applying cosmetics around eye areas is very important because once the area gets dried, the skin loses tightness and creates dark circles.

Baby-face actress Park Joo Mi once revealed her skincare secret by saying that she applies eye cream around nose, eyes and lips, where wrinkles can occur. The actress then emphasized the importance of caring sensitive areas before wrinkles are already created.

Goodbye Dark Circles!