Saturday, September 5, 2009

Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation

If you believe your stuggle with pimples was difficult, you have another far more treacherous journey coming. This obstacle is none other than hyperpigmentation. This symptom appears in the form of reddish, darkened areas on the skin. These areas are remnants of the zits that once existed. while pimples alone take time and persistence to cure, so does hyperpigmentation. Professional treatments are often expensive and carry the danger of an acne relapse. This is definitely something we do not want to fall victim to. There are some other paths you can follow to fight those pesky red marks. We will walk you through some of these techniques below.

Lemon juice is one of the most popular acne skin care tips that individuals tend to use incorrectly and thus report horrible results. You can effectively get rid of hyperpigmentation with lemon juice as it is a skin lightener. The key to a good experience is to moisturize after applying the substance. It can be very drying to the skin, and hence can contribute to breakouts if used with no moisturizer. Apply the juice topically on your facial area for several weeks and monitor your improvement. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Sun exposure can aggravate the dark spots left behind by acne. Even though your skin may appear radiant immediately after sun exposure, it won’t look the same in the days to follow. You should not bother researching how to get rid of acne marks unless you intend on wearing sunscreen. If you plan on utilizing the lemon juice mentioned above, you can purchase a sunblock and moisturizer combo.

If you do not wish to apply any sort of treatments atop your skin aside from you pimple topicals, just let the hyperpigmentation subside on its own. It will take several months, however, there will be little danger of causing new breakouts.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Melanin Skin Pigmentation, Sun Exposure, Melanin Pigment, Ultraviolet Rays, Ultraviolet Radiation: What causes a blotching?


This is quite an odd thing to happen immediately after a suntan. Blotching and blemishes are usually occurrences that happen after a prolonged period of time and skin damage; therefore, it can be assumed that the blotching is probably caused by irregular melanin formation.
Sun Exposure - Ultraviolet Radiation And Melanin Skin Pigmentation

Melanin is a pigment in the skin secreted by cells called melanocytes. Melanin serves the body by acting as a sunscreen that protects us from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It does this by converting the ultraviolet light that hits the skin into harmless heat that is dissipated; however, in the process of absorbing ultraviolet radiation, the melanin darkens a bit. This is the mechanism of action and course of events that culminate in a suntan. Another concept to understand here is that not all people are born with an equal amount of melanin production rates. Clearly, evolution has endowed people who live in the tropical belts, and those who draw racial lineage from the tropical belts, with more melanin in the skin. This is because of the amount of Ultraviolet Rays radiation that people in the tropics are exposed to, and over the years, this translated into more melanin in the skin. Away from the tropics, lighter-skinned people are endowed with a reduced melanin production because Ultraviolet Rays radiation is much reduced and not as much of danger. However, when lighter-skinned skin meets Ultraviolet Rays radiation levels – equivalent to the tropical belts – visible changes start to occur. Some of these changes can be sunburn, hyperpigmentation, and melanomas. The types of skin blotching that are connected with sun exposure are age spots and natural melanogenesis. Patchy skin color could also be connected with the onset of vitiligo but the patches would be white in color, and therefore, are not a possibility. Age spots or liver spots are an indication that skin is not able to repair the damage from a suntan. This culminates in small hyperpigmented blemishes, which are concentrated with melanin. Hyperpigmentation itself is caused when the body kicks up its production of melanin in response to excessive sun exposure.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to reduce melanin from skin?

How to break down color pigments without any harmful effect?

It is no doubt that everyone face with the dark pigment problem in their skins by time passing forward. It is not only the age around 50’s facing this problem, but also starting from 15’s.
From the age of 15 onwards, the condition of our skin—the largest human organ-- declines steadily. It is the law of nature. Women as early as in their 15s have started taking skin care supplement to maintain their looks and gain their self esteem.

How can we reduce melanin from skin? Before we go deep into the solution, we should know about why there the melanin will increase in our skin first.
Increasing melanin is the same case as Skin darkening, color changes, premature ageing or hyperpigmentation. With their consequent effect on hormonal balance and the metabolic rate, tend to undermine skin regeneration.
The reasons of increasing melanin in skin (in short):
1. Everyday pressures,
2. Unbalanced dietary habits,
3. Overexposure to ultraviolet rays,
4. Overexposure to radiation,
5. Internal disorders,
In general, they will result in overly oily or overly dry skin, often with the appearance of acne, unwanted color spots, loosening and a general deterioration of skin tone.

How can we solve the melanin problem?
Once you know the reason behind, and solve it one by one.

1. Everyday pressures: to try to relax even it is tough. Depth breathing, Listening music, doing exercise can help to reduce pressure.
2. Unbalanced dietary habits: to discuss about this long topic for health diet in short is difficult, however, regular timing for meat is the first, and more vegetable is need. Many points can be written in next article.
3. Overexposure to ultraviolet rays: to use sunscreen when outdoors, cover enough clothes when outdoors.
4. Overexposure to radiation: to try your best to stay away from TV, Computer, Mobile phone……
5. Internal disorders: to use some recommended skin care products which can provide right nutrition such as Vitamins A, B & C, in order to break down color pigments without any harmful effect. It enhances skin metabolism, to give youthful radiance to all areas where it is applied.

In any experts’ advice, by combining skin care products, healthy diet, follow a positive lifestyle and good habits together with taking daily skin care supplement to keep your skin, looks and age in tip top condition.

About the Author: SpotRemoving has a passion for skin care, especially removing black spots in skin, removing nipple dark pigments and resuming pink lips. After Author’s friend who is suffered from hyperpigmentation for years, Author offers a lot of information about resume pink by break down color pigment in 7 days tips. In

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How To Get Rid Of Freckles

Freckles, (aka ephelis and melanin), are found specially over the fair complexioned women. Inherited genetically, the freckles can affect anyone else, be it men, women or children. The freckles surface over the skin due either to emergence of melanocortin1 receptor(MC1R) or exposure of skin to harmful UV-B radiation’s contrary effect. Hereditary DNA disorder also develops the freckles which can be improved only with some medicines to be prescribed by the doctor.

Freckles, affecting mostly the facial skin, shoulder and arms, victimize the mild skinned ones like women and tender age children at large. Forty plus men are considered to be immune to freckles and rarely are found affected from it. Skin and beauty-conscious women anxiously contemplate over how to get rid of their freckles easily, efficiently and successfully.

Though freckles fade naturally and disappear with the passage of time on their own, sometimes they are needed to be treated. Over-the-counter medicines, prescription and surgical treatment are the options available for the affected one to choose from. People, suffering from genetically inherited freckles, can get rid of their freckles by consuming DNA correcting medicines or drugs. Follow the tips being penned down over here in order to help you get rid of your freckles.

* Do not have excursion under the sunshine with your body exposed to sun’s harmful UV rays. Do not expose your body to UV-radiation. Cover your face, shoulder and arms well with cloth while going out of house under sunshine. Protecting the expose-able parts of your body from sun has got to help you get rid of freckles easily and successfully.
* Apply the sunscreen lotion or cream over your skin, while moving out under scorching heat of sunshine. Such precautionary step will surely help you get rid of freckles effectively.
* Medicines, containing hydroquinone with their effective bleaching property, help the women and children get rid of their freckles by lightening the darkness of freckles or melanin much faster.
* Laser treatment- Operated with an innovative devise, the laser rays remove the freckles, thus putting to an end the possibility of freckles emerging over the skin again. It is applied as the last option in serious freckle problems.


* Freckles, emerging due to exposure of skin to UV rays of sun, fade automatically with the passage of time.
* Freckles are not caused due to skin disorder.
* Sunscreen and protection from sun are the only effective ways to get rid of freckles.
* Less concentration of photo-protective freckles among the women render them more susceptible to noxious effects of UV rays, which causes unwanted freckles over their skin.
* Genetically inherited freckles are described as ephelides. Such kinds of freckles happen to be flattened with light brown or red color. Though some of them automatically get faded during the winter season many of them do not disappear even with the passage of time and are needed to be treated either with medicines or laser therapy.
* Some freckles, emerging due to exposure of skin to the sun, happen to be of obstinate nature and do not fade even in the winter season. Such kinds of freckles are known as liver spots or Lentigines, forcing the affected ones to go for laser treatment in order to get rid of their unwanted emergence.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots - Caused by Age, Sun Or Pigmentation

When it comes to the skin, it must be said that there are many different problems that affect different people. The majority of these problems are centered around scars and discolorations on the skin which may cause many people to become self conscious and embarrassed. Discolorations on the skin take the form of dark spots, age spots and sun spots etc. However, you should not be discouraged if you are afflicted with any of these conditions since there are many products on the market that would be able to lessen the appearance of age spots, sun spots and dark spots and there are also products that can remove the discolorations completely.

In order to understand how to get rid of these blemishes, it is necessary to know how these discolorations are formed and what causes them to appear on the skin. The main culprit in the formation of discolorations on the skin is the sun. The rays that are produced by the sun contain ultraviolet radiation. This type of radiation catalyzes the production of melanin in the body. When too much melanin is produced, it results in discoloration of the skin. It is for this reason that persons should try to include the use of a sunscreen daily so that it would minimize the effects of the rays of the sun.

One of the key factors that would be essential in removing all kinds of discolorations from the skin is lifestyle. In order to have clear, clean, smooth skin, you should typically eat a diet that is made up mainly of fruits and vegetables. The vitamins A, C and E that are found in healthy food products serve to brighten the complexion, reduce the appearance of discolorations and ensure general health of the skin. Sleep is also a key factor in getting rid of spots since the skin regenerates while you sleep.

When it comes to products, persons who wish to rid their skin of sun, dark or age spots should consider using products that contain alpha hydroxyl acids. These particular ingredients aid in reducing the appearance of discolorations on the skin. Also, the use of bleaching creams which contain hydroquinone aid in the removal of age spots, dark spots and sun spots. However, it is necessary to take into consideration your skin type when buying these products since they may have adverse reactions and cause further damage to your skin.