Monday, July 1, 2013

How to make Naturally Pink Lips

lips 1 How to make Naturally Pink LipsWe hate all putting the lipstick and rubbing off the coast on almost everything we touch. Stained glass in the sweaters of damaged chimney, having pink coloured lips can be a disaster. Do you want to just it wwas somehow, we could get plump, pink lips natural? Fortunately enough, there are ways to get these luscious pink lips naturally without even having to carry any glossy lip.
As part of your weekly rub routine, rub your lips using a sugar-oil scrub. Mix 50% of sugar with 50% of olive oil and rub your lips with an old toothbrush with soft bristles. Do not exfoliate; don’t want to hurt you.
After washing off the coast of the dead skin, add on your lip ‘mask ‘. This lip mask is made by mixing 1 teaspoon of cold milk and a bit of turmeric powder into a paste-like mixture. Apply the mask of the lip for 5 minutes and keep daily practice until the following week.
Avoid using SOAP around your lips, harmful detergents and the result of alcohol in the pale lips, hair dryer. Now, moisturize using petroleum jelly or lip balm to keep lips hydrated.
Use almond oil daily will help you moisturize and add color to your lips, while applying the honey from your lips daily before bedtime help them stay soft and prevent chapped skin.