Sunday, June 23, 2013

Treating dark circles require a lot of care

Dark circles under eyes are characterized by a visible discoloration of skin beneath the eyes.
• Thinning of skin: Ageing process causes thinning of skin as production of collagen decreases and plumpness of skin is lost. This thinning of skin makes the reddish-blue blood vessels underneath the skin visible. The blood vessels underneath the skin cause this discolouration.
• Pigmentation problems which is a common issue with Africans and Asians who have uneven skin tones.
• Allergies: It is a reaction to any material or food product that can cause the eyes to itch. Rubbing or scratching the skin around the eyes can also lead to discolouration.
• Heredity: Dark circle under eyes can be a genetic characteristic which runs in the family. As translucency of skin can make the blood vessels visible, when blood circulates it gives a bluish hue from above. Skin texture in many instances is a hereditary factor.
• Exposure to the sun can cause excess production of melanin which can appear as dark circles around eyes.
• Certain medication causes the blood vessels to widen which can seem like dark circles. Examples of medication can be blood pressure and nasal decongestion drugs.
• Anemia:  Iron deficiency anemia can make skin look pale thereby making blood vessels under your skin visible.
• Lack of sleep and dehydration can cause paleness and shriveled skin which can make blood vessels under the eye area visible as dark discolouration.

• Use a sunscreen to avoid damaging and weakening of skin. As skin is thinnest around eyes, use sunglasses to protect them from sun damage.
• Have a nutritious balanced diet to avoid any kind of deficiency. Vitamin A is good for the eyes while vitamin C strengthens blood vessels.
• Have a proper lifestyle to avoid fatigue and lack of sleep.

• Application of vitamin K cream can help counteract bruising and reduce the dark eyes effect.
• Creams containing vitamin C, Vitamin E and retinol might be effective in lightening dark circles.
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