Thursday, February 13, 2014

Age Spot Treatment: Before and After

They're a sign of aging that most of us notice first: brown, or age spots. They often indicate damage to the skin but can they be undone? Malorie Maddox did some before-and-after research.
Dr. Joel Schlessinger is a dermatologist who told us, “Just about everybody, after they're 25 or so, has some issues with this."
Malorie first noticed two dark spots on her face right after having her son. Dr. Schlessinger said it's something his office is treating more frequently.
“A lot of people have the attitude that it's already done. I've already damaged my skin. I can't get back."
Malorie decided to give the recommended treatments a try. First, the makeup came off. Then it was time to take ultraviolet pictures to see what really was lurking underneath the skin. The pictures showed age spots, wrinkles and pores. They also prompted a confession that she occasionally used a tanning bed.
The doctor said, “I think tanning beds and brown spots go hand in hand. You go to a tanning bed, you're going to get brown spots."
The pictures told the same story. They also told the story of six spots instead of the two she was aware of but the dermatologist was optimistic and said, “I think you're going to have a real chance of bouncing back."
Let the treatments begin.
First came a quick laser procedure, done the same day. Dr. Schlessinger targeted all six spots in about 10 minutes.
The second treatment was designed to repair what was lurking underneath the skin. Malorie was put on the Obagi Skin Care System; a six-step process that is numbered and easy to use.
Six weeks later: the moment of truth. Did it work?

Before and After

“Six weeks later, you've leapfrogged your peers," Dr. Schlessinger said. He told Malorie that she’d gone from the 30th percentile to the eightieth percentile for good skin, “So you're better than most people right now and that wasn't that hard," he said.
Lasers and skin care systems aside, there's a simple, easy way we can all improve our skin.
“If you stay out of the sun, I can guarantee you'll have about a 10-year difference over your peers," the doctor said.
He also said that after the age of 20 to 25, everyone should be on Retin A.
As for cost, the laser treatment that Malorie had runs around $250. The Obagi Skincare System costs between $325 and $400. Once results appear, some clients can pare down to an Obagi system with fewer products. That will also lower the cost to the neighborhood of $150.
Keep in mind, all of this is considered cosmetic. Insurance will not cover it.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Night Skin- Best Dark Spot Remover

Tips To Remove Dark Spots Under Eyes

dark spots under eyesWe all know that the most horrifying feeling in the world is the one when we look at the mirror and notice some black spots under our eyes. We stare at the mirror and cry about how aged and weary we really look. However, in case you didn’t know, there are some things that you can do to remove those dark spots under your eyes.
In this article we’re going to talk about a few of the most effective one. But before we do, let’s first consider the sources of dark spots. That will help you to understand why the methods that I’m about to show you actually work.

The origin of dark spots under the eyes

Basically, there are three main sources of those ugly looking spots.
The first source is the seasonal allergy. When you catch such kind of an allergy, your body will start releasing histamines which inflammate blood vessels. As a result you will start swelling. After you stretch the skin, you might notice that the spots that burst out are actually darker then normal. This means that the genetics, combined with the allergy, caused those dark spots to show up.
The second source is the age. As you get older, the skin loses the supply of collagen, and there’s a good chance for veins to be seen more clearly. Also, if you’ve been exposed to sun a lot through your life, this process can occur much faster.
The last source, also the most prominent one, is genetics. Thin skin under the eyes can cause the capillaries to leak as they stretch in the area around the eyes.

6 tips to remove them

Tip 1. Apply Vitamin C moisturizers. This is probably the best tip that I can give you. The reason is that these will supply your skin with collagen. The best cream on the market today, at least in my opinion, is Night Skin. This cream is also very affordable.
Most of my friends, including me and my daughter, were able to get rid of those dark spots and even blackheads after only a few short weeks of constant use.
Tip 2. Apply sunscreens. Sun is extremely damaging to your skin, especially the area under your eyes. If your genetic predisposition is to have a thin skin under they eyes, I would definitely recommend that you only use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 15.
Tip 3. Reduce the amount of salt that you take. This is very important because salt is a known factor for retaining water in your body. As a result, the water that hasn’t passed through your skin can clog the pores up. This leads to dark spots in all areas of your body. Your skin has to breathe, and clogging the pores is the worst thing that can happen to them.
Tip 4. Avoid getting exposed to the allergens. A lot of people are very tolerant when they come close to some of the allergens. However, as I’ve already mentioned above, those allergens are just a source in the long chain of chemical processes in your body – which eventually leads to dark spots. Even if you are pretty tolerant to the allergens in your surroundings, don’t stay around them.
Tip 5. Try to get as much sleep as you can. If you are deprived of sleeping, the slow blood circulation will actually make your skin look older. If you don’t get enough of sleep you will look like an old, depressed person.
Tip 6. Detoxify your body by drinking a lot of water. You know, there are toxins under your skin that will produce dark spots if you don’t remove them from your body as soon as possible. The best way to do it is to induce swelling by drinking a lot of water.

Final Recommendation

These are the top 6 methods that will help you to get rid of dark spots under your eyes. Also, you can try the Night Skin cream as well, since it is probably the best, yet very affordable skin cream for aging out there.

Age Spots Beauty Balm from Forces of Nature Offers Safe, Organic Option for Age Spot Removal

Unfortunately, thanks to the potent trifecta of sun exposure, age and genetics, most people will develop age spots, also known as sun or liver spots, over the course of their lifetime. Most common after age 40, age spots can be hard to remove – age spots removal can involve toxic ingredients or expensive procedures. A brand-new treatment from Forces of Nature, Age Spots Beauty Balm offers an effective and organic option for age spots removal.
A safe way to address age spots; Age Spots Beauty Balm is 100 percent USDA Certified Organic, with no chemicals or harmful ingredients, so it is safe for people and the environment. Made with naturally occurring phytochemicals found in medicinal plants, Age Spots Beauty Balm also improves skin tone and balance while helping to fade and remove age spots on skin, the face, hands, arms and chest.
“While age spots aren’t painful, they can be both frustrating and uncomfortable. Even more, many of the treatments for age spots involve ingredients that aren’t natural and procedures that are very expensive,” said Dr. Peter Klapper, CEO, Forces of Nature. “Age Spots Beauty Balm was designed as a safe, affordable and effective treatment for age spots removal. It makes the skin look and feel good, thanks to a powerful combination of all-natural organic ingredients.”
Age Spots Beauty Balm from Forces of Nature offers: 
  •     An all-natural option for age spots removal
  •     Moisturizing ingredients designed to even out skin tone
  •     Deep and fast-acting absorption into the skin
  •     Non-toxic, safe and effective ingredients
  •     USDA organic certification and FDA registration
Age Spots Beauty Balm was developed in-house by the Forces of Nature medical team, including Dr. Mair Mckinnon, a naturopathic doctor, and a Forces of Nature staff biologist specializing in plant medicine, CEO Dr. Peter Klapper.
Forces of Nature stands behind its products, offering an unprecedented one-year money-back guarantee to demonstrate its high level of product confidence. The company's mission is to provide innovative natural medicines which deliver results to bring healing to the world.
Forces of Nature is dedicated to well-being and supporting a chemical-free environment. The company’s aim is to stop focusing on symptom management, and deliver real solutions, working to heal illness at its core.

Remove Dark Spots Naturally

How to Remove Dark Spots Naturally
Do you want a free formula that will help you remove dark spots naturally? You surely do because dark spot is unpleasant. It occurs by variety of skin health factors like aging or genetics and blemishes your skin. Start thinking of practical solutions to remove dark spots naturally on your face or shoulder.

1. Use Lemon Juice to Fade the Dark Spot Away
You can use lemon juice to fade away the dark, irritating spot on your face or any area of your skin. Cut the lemon juice into two and rub one half directly to the dark spot area on your face. Lemon and lime juice is strongly acidic and; therefore, dampening the juice directly to your face will bleach out the blemishes in your skin and help remove dark spots naturally.
Apply the juice at least twice a day for over a week. The spot will go away in approximately 8 days.

2. Scrub the Dark, Dead Skin with Sugar Cube
Use the sugar cube to gently scratch the dead skin where the dark spot is located on your skin. Sugar contains glycolic acid which is a natural chemical peel that can help fade or remove dark spots on our skin naturally. So, it’s good to use sugar to exfoliate the pimples anywhere you find them on your skin.

3. Make a Rose Water Paste and Apply it to the Dark Spot Area in Your Skin
Use rose water and mix it with some sandalwood powder in a bowl to make a paste and wear it on your face to lighten, diminish, or fade out the dark spot away.

4. Massaging the Dark Spot Area with Honey or Raw Potato Juice
A great way to fade the dark spot away on your skin is by applying vitamin E oil or using honey to massage the dark marks on your skin. This is very practical and it clears away the whiteheads on your skin.

5. Use Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is essential skin oil that is very nourishing to skin rashes and blackheads. When it comes to wiping dark spot in your skin, Aloe Vera is the lubricant to use. The oil cures not only dark spots, but burns, skin stings, and scrapes as well.
Put pure Aloe Vera oil on your skin twice a day. Leave the oil for at least 45 minutes, and that will remove your dark spot naturally without a hitch!

How To Eliminate or Fade Freckles with Food

Fade or eliminate freckles with food
Lindsay Lohan has freckles, and so does Sissy Spacek, and perhaps you and members of your family. Although some people are happy with their freckles, others wish they would disappear, but they don’t want to use harsh chemicals or medical procedures. Fortunately, there are some natural ways to eliminate or fade freckles with food.

What are freckles?

True freckles (ephelides) are completely harmless, flat spots on the skin that are about the size of the end of a pencil eraser. They are caused by the uneven distribution and deposition of a pigment called melanin, and they can range in color from red to tan, brown, and black.
People as young as 12 months can develop freckles, and they are more common among individuals who have fair skin. Freckles appear mostly on body areas that receive sunlight exposure, including the face, arms, and shoulders.
Because individuals tend to receive less sun in the winter, freckles usually fade somewhat during winter months. In addition to exposure to sunlight, genetics and hormone levels may play a role in the development of freckles.
Age spots, also known as liver spots and solar lentigines, also are caused by exposure to sunlight. Freckles and age spots look the same, although the latter typically develop in older adults and are often accompanied by other signs of sun damage, such as dry rough skin and wrinkles.
How to fade or eliminate freckles
A variety of medications and medical procedures are available to reduce or eliminate freckles. They include fading or bleaching creams, retinoids, chemical peels, intense pulsed light treatments, laser treatment, and cryosurgery. Not all freckles will respond to such efforts, and freckles also can recur with these treatments, which may cause side effects.
Another option is to use foods to reduce or eliminate freckles. These techniques are safe, easy to do, inexpensive, and often effective.
  • Eggplant: This unlikely freckle fader can work within two weeks if you rub the vegetable on freckles daily and leave the slices on for about 15 minutes per day.
  • Horseradish and lemon: A mixture of grated horseradish and lemon juice made into a paste can significantly lighten freckles. Apply the paste on the freckled areas, let it dry, then rinse with cold water. Repeat daily.
  • Lemon juice: This is one of the most commonly used natural ways to eliminate freckles. Twice a day, apply fresh lemon juice to the freckles and rub it in for 10 minutes. It is easiest to use fresh lemon slices. After massaging the freckles with the juice, rinse the area with warm water.
  • Papaya: While you enjoy eating this tropical fruit, put aside a slice or two to help fight freckles. Papaya contains papain, an enzyme that can make freckles lighter. Gently rub mashed papaya on freckles and massage them. After 10 minutes, rinse off the papaya with cool water. Repeat once daily.
  • Red onion and vinegar: Combine juice from a fresh red onion with about 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Rub the mixture on the freckles for several minutes, then rinse with warm water. Apply the onion juice mixture twice a day, and you should see significant results within one week.
  • Sour milk: Once or twice daily application of sour milk, sour cream, or yogurt to freckles may cause the spots to eventually fade or disappear. Dab on the sour milk, let it stay on for several minutes, then gently wipe it off. Apply moisturize to the treated spots. The lactic acid in these dairy foods are the “secret” ingredient.
  • Turmeric and sesame seeds: Combine 1 tablespoon of ground sesame seeds and 1 tablespoon powdered turmeric. Add just enough water to make a paste, and apply the paste to the freckles. Let the paste stay on for 15 minutes, then rinse it off with cool water. Repeat once daily until the freckles fade.
  • Wheat germ and honey: You can make a facial mask of wheat germ and warm honey to fade freckles. Apply the mask once daily and leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water, then cool water. Don’t forget the moisturizer!
The bottom line
You can enhance your freckle fading efforts by following two suggestions:
  • Avoid the sun: Sunlight triggers the body to produce melanin, a substance that causes skin to darken. Regular use of sunblock and protective clothing also can help you reduce sun exposure.
  • Exfoliate: The cells in the body’s outer layer of skin naturally die and fall off on a regular basis, and you can help that process by practicing gentle exfoliation methods, such as applying body scrubs or using a body brush. The important word here is “gentle,” because you do not want to damage your skin by scrubbing too vigorously. Also, if you have dry skin, be sure to apply moisturizer after exfoliating.
If you want to bid your freckles a gentle farewell, you might try one or more of these food remedies that are without side effects and are much more cost effective than conventional freckle fading or removal methods.