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Night Skin- Best Dark Spot Remover

Tips To Remove Dark Spots Under Eyes

dark spots under eyesWe all know that the most horrifying feeling in the world is the one when we look at the mirror and notice some black spots under our eyes. We stare at the mirror and cry about how aged and weary we really look. However, in case you didn’t know, there are some things that you can do to remove those dark spots under your eyes.
In this article we’re going to talk about a few of the most effective one. But before we do, let’s first consider the sources of dark spots. That will help you to understand why the methods that I’m about to show you actually work.

The origin of dark spots under the eyes

Basically, there are three main sources of those ugly looking spots.
The first source is the seasonal allergy. When you catch such kind of an allergy, your body will start releasing histamines which inflammate blood vessels. As a result you will start swelling. After you stretch the skin, you might notice that the spots that burst out are actually darker then normal. This means that the genetics, combined with the allergy, caused those dark spots to show up.
The second source is the age. As you get older, the skin loses the supply of collagen, and there’s a good chance for veins to be seen more clearly. Also, if you’ve been exposed to sun a lot through your life, this process can occur much faster.
The last source, also the most prominent one, is genetics. Thin skin under the eyes can cause the capillaries to leak as they stretch in the area around the eyes.

6 tips to remove them

Tip 1. Apply Vitamin C moisturizers. This is probably the best tip that I can give you. The reason is that these will supply your skin with collagen. The best cream on the market today, at least in my opinion, is Night Skin. This cream is also very affordable.
Most of my friends, including me and my daughter, were able to get rid of those dark spots and even blackheads after only a few short weeks of constant use.
Tip 2. Apply sunscreens. Sun is extremely damaging to your skin, especially the area under your eyes. If your genetic predisposition is to have a thin skin under they eyes, I would definitely recommend that you only use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 15.
Tip 3. Reduce the amount of salt that you take. This is very important because salt is a known factor for retaining water in your body. As a result, the water that hasn’t passed through your skin can clog the pores up. This leads to dark spots in all areas of your body. Your skin has to breathe, and clogging the pores is the worst thing that can happen to them.
Tip 4. Avoid getting exposed to the allergens. A lot of people are very tolerant when they come close to some of the allergens. However, as I’ve already mentioned above, those allergens are just a source in the long chain of chemical processes in your body – which eventually leads to dark spots. Even if you are pretty tolerant to the allergens in your surroundings, don’t stay around them.
Tip 5. Try to get as much sleep as you can. If you are deprived of sleeping, the slow blood circulation will actually make your skin look older. If you don’t get enough of sleep you will look like an old, depressed person.
Tip 6. Detoxify your body by drinking a lot of water. You know, there are toxins under your skin that will produce dark spots if you don’t remove them from your body as soon as possible. The best way to do it is to induce swelling by drinking a lot of water.

Final Recommendation

These are the top 6 methods that will help you to get rid of dark spots under your eyes. Also, you can try the Night Skin cream as well, since it is probably the best, yet very affordable skin cream for aging out there.

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