Thursday, March 13, 2014

Home Remedies to Fight Skin Pigmentation

Pigmentation can be of two types - Hypopigmentation and Hyperpigmentation. Hypopigmentation (decrease in skin pigmentation) is a condition in which patches of skin become lighter or whiter in colour than the normal surrounding skin.

Pigmentation can be caused due to genetics, sun exposure, stress, fluctuating hormones caused by pregnancy and or by birth control pills, menopause, insulin resistance, damage to the skin due to injury or overly aggressive skin care treatment, frequent use of hair dyes or intake of anti-acne pills. 

Hypo-pigmentation is a loss of colour which is caused due to worms or due to the skin being alkaline. To counter this problem, it is essential you visit your doctor to get a de-worming done every six months. Apart from this mix water and vinegar together in small amounts and wipe your face with the mixture by applying it through cotton wool. If this does not help in removing the pigmentation then mix 2 drops of Bergamot Essential oil in mustard oil. Apply this mixture on the pigmented spots and sit outside under the sun for 5 – 10 minutes, this will help the colour to return. However, if this does not work then we suggest you visit your dermatologist immediately.

Here are some  gave her tips to help remove Hyperpigmentation: 

Potato -It works very well to help lighten pigmented areas, dark spots and blemishes. You can try rubbing a slice of potato on your skin daily; you may also try a mixture of sandalwood paste and potato juice to get rid of dark spots.

Red Onion- It is one of the most effective ways to reduce pigmentation of skin, dark spots, freckles etc. You would need to slice up an onion and rub it directly on the affected areas. Alternatively, you may grate the onion, squeeze out its juice and apply.

Cucumber- Very helpful in reducing skin pigmentation fa des freckles and blemishes. 1 tbsp of cucumber juice is to be used in conjunction with 1 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp lemon/lime juice for best results.

Aloe Vera- Aloe Vera effectively treats pigmented skin, clears dark spots and blemishes, resulting in the older skin cells to slough off, thus leaving us with clearer-looking and rejuvenated skin. Apply the gel half hour before bed; add one or two Vitamin E capsules like Evion to enhance its efficacy. Use it in the marketed gel form or gather the gel straight from the plant.

 – Grate radish, put it in milk and heat it. After that apply the heated radish juice on your skin. Leave it on for some time and then rinse it off.  

Sunscreen - Use a Sunscreen Daily to counter the problem of hyper-pigmentation. 

Vit C Serum – Use Vitamin C Skin lightening Serum for lightening the dark spots caused by pigmentation. 

However, before trying any of the remedies it is highly essential that you find out the cause of the pigmentation.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Home remedies to lighten dark lips

Healthy pink lips add extra charm to a person's face. These naturally appealing lips don't need regular application of lips balms or lipsticks to look luscious and healthy.
But several factors like the suns UV rays, smoking, caffeine and age can affect our lips and darken them. Luckily, there are several natural solutions to lighten darker lips. Here is a list of natural home remedies that can lighten dark lips.'

Honey: Honey is an amazing natural ingredient, which can be used to treat dark lips. It not only lightens your lips but also makes them soft. Apply honey on your lips and leave it on overnight, everyday. Continue this practice for a couple of weeks and you will notice a change in your lip colour.
Lemon juice: Lemon is known to be a bleaching agent and it acts as an effective remedy to treat dark lips. Apply freshly squeezed lemon juice to your lips and massage them gently. Follow this ritual every night before bed.
Sugar scrub: Sugar works as an excellent scrub to exfoliate lips and also helps get rid of unwanted dead skin. Take three spoons of sugar and mix it with two spoons of butter to make a thick paste. Use this mixture on your lips to exfoliate them. The added butter moisturises your lips. Like your skin, your lips also need to be exfoliated regularly. Try this scrub two or three times a week for lighter lips.
Beetroot: This deep purple ingredient helps cleanse and lighten lips. Beetroot juice has natural agents, which lighten lips. Use its juice on your lips for effective results.
Ice cubes: This simple method of rubbing ice cubes over your lips will help them remain moisturised and fresh as ice cubes not only hydrate your lips but also make them plump.
Milk cream: Try milk cream (malai) with a bit of saffron and apply this mixture to your lips. This is an age old remedy for treating dark lips. Continue this ritual several times a day and at night for effective results.