Saturday, January 7, 2012

Skin Lightening Tips For Darker Skin

Everyone’s dream is to have a smooth complexion with zero blemishes! Well, some individuals aren’t as lucky and have to rely on numerous skin lightening products that help to lighten one’s skin tone evenly. There are hardly a few skin products that live up to their promises, even though all these products promise super results within a few weeks and some others within days! Mentioned below are some tips and a few non bleach alternatives for skin lightening. These are natural methods to lighten your skin tone and these methods are just as effective, mind you.


Honey Papaya mask for Skin Lightening

Skin Lightening Tips for Dark Skin:

One of the ideal ways to lighten your skin tone is by regularly applying sunscreen lotions. Sunburns are caused when the sun’s rays become too strong for the skin to handle and it starts burning. What is surprising to know is that our skin gets affected by UV rays even when we are indoors. Our skin tone starts becoming uneven and darker when the melanin rate begins to increase. Melanin is the substance present in the body that is known to darken the skin. Sunscreen creams and lotions protect the skin by helping to lessen the effects of the sun’s rays on the skin. This in turn inhibits the ever increasing melanin rate.

Another method to help whiten the skin is moisturizing. Dry skin almost always causes the skin to darken. You must also be aware that if your skin is dry, there are chances that it will tan faster. Skin starts looking fairer when moisturized regularly. You must be absolutely certain that particularly those areas of your body moisturized, that are constantly exposed to harmful UV rays. Your skin will not only glow and look more radiant, but with regular moisturizing your skin will also stay smooth, supple and soft.

Tomato has a bleaching effect on the skin. It serves as a natural skin lightening agent. Without using any harmful chemicals on the skin, gently rubbing a cut tomato onto your face is an ideal method to bleach your skin. Tomato has a better effect on the skin when chilled. Take half a fresh tomato and rub it onto your face for approximately 10 minutes. You must then let the juice of the tomato stay on for about 20 – 25 minutes. Wash your face with normal tap water. Initially, you might find that your skin feels a bit dry. But, all you need to do is apply some moisturizing lotion to your face.

tomato n

Apply grated tomato pulp mixed with cucumber juice

Wheat flour is yet another natural ingredient that helps to keep your skin fair as well as soft. Mix water and wheat flour to form a paste. Do not make this paste very thick. You must now evenly apply this mixture onto your skin. Allow this to remain on your face for approximately 15 – 20 minutes. Wash it off with plain water. Watch how your skin gradually becomes smooth and soft.

Extract of papaya is very beneficial for the skin. Applying a face pack made from papaya helps the skin to glow and even become lighter. Take some mashed papaya and apply it your skin. Let this remain on your face for about 20 minutes. Wash your face with plain water after the required amount of time. Lightly pat your face dry. You will notice a very visible difference in your skin tone.

Vitamin C and Kojic Acid really helps to lighten one’s skin tone. It is not only a safe medication, but very effective too. It is necessary to remember that pregnant women must not apply this medication without first consulting their healthcare professional.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pigmentation on Face

Would-be-mothers may start finding some changes in their skin right from the first trimester of pregnancy. Skin changes are very normal during pregnancy since there are hormonal changes in the body. It is important that you should be aware of skin changes like pigmentation during pregnancy.

Pigmentation On Face

How to Get rid of Face Pigmentation

Pigmentation can be increased as your pregnancy progresses. But there is nothing to worry about since it may not last forever. This pigmentation may be seen on the whole body especially your growing tummy, face and neck. Sometimes, this pigmentation gets increased because of sun exposure and that could be very distressing. The pigmentation usually fades automatically after child birth. However, this may not happen with everyone. In some cases it lasts forever if it is ignored during pregnancy. So it is essential that you take proper care of your skin to avoid any after delivery skin problems.

Pigmentation starts fading once you start with breastfeeding. However, if you have taken contraceptive pills before pregnancy then there are chances that your pigmentation may last forever. Also if it fades this time you may develop it again in the next pregnancy.

It is not yet known why some pregnant women develop pigmentation and others do not. This is, to a certain level, because of genetic factors. The survey reports that more than 30% of women facing this problem have at least one of their family members with the same diagnosis. It cannot be denied that this happens mainly because of the hormonal changes take place during pregnancy.

So, it is clear that you cannot avoid pigmentation but surely it can be treated. You can try using sunscreen lotion on a regular basis. Avoid exposure to sunlight as far as possible as that may worsen your condition. You need to strictly use sun protection or else it is certain that you will get your pigmentation back. For better sun protection you can use sunscreen with zinc oxide or with titanium dioxide as they offer maximum protection. However, there are chances of these products leaving a thin white layer on your skin.

Moisturizing your skin is also equally important during pregnancy. Women with dry as well as oily skin should make use of moisturizers regularly. Women with oily skin can use a water based moisturizer to keep their skin smooth and trouble free whereas women with dry skin can use oil based moisturizers. This will be helpful in preventing and treating pigmentation.

Another important part of your skin care would be sleeping well. Most women complain of disturbed sleep because of painful and uncomfortable sleeping postures. Inadequate sleep has bad effects on your skin; you have to get sufficient sleep in order to get a glow on your skin. You can try getting a body massage done before sleeping; this will help you in getting better sleep. You can also play some soft music while sleeping. Pigmentation can be developed because of insufficient sleep so make sure to sleep well.

Drinking water also plays a vital role in the skin care. Drink plenty of water in pregnancy; not only to keep your skin healthy but also for your little one’s growth and development. Water purifies your system and also cleans the toxins from your body. Water will give you good skin which will help you to look good. Water can also help in reducing the pigmentation on your skin.

If you take all these skin care tips seriously and follow them strictly you can surely prevent pigmentation and other skin problems in your pregnancy. Skin care is something that you can do at your leisure, but it is important to do it regularly to get the expected results. Every woman is always very much concerned about her skin and that is very natural because beauty is one of the best jewels of any woman. You can also use products like Glyco A which is very effective in treating hyper pigmentation.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pigmentation of Skin

Pigmentation is a condition referred to darkening (hyper pigmentation) or lightening (hypo pigmentation) of the skin. Its known causes are exposure ultra violet rays, medication, trauma, chemical substances, hormonal changes, vitamin A & C deficiencies and deficiencies of essential fatty acids.

The skin cells of human body also known as melanocytes, produce melanin substance which makes brown colour of the skin. When these melanocytes are distributed unevenly, it results in problem of pigmentation. Although the discoloration condition of the skin is harmless, people should know the stage where it becomes a cause of concern.

Types of Pigmentation:

Hormonal Pigmentation

  • Pigmentation caused by hormonal changes of the body is known as Melasma and Chloasma. These are the terms that are used to describe pigmentation of skin. Hormonal changes in the body occur during the pregnancy or reproductive years and thyroid dysfunction. Contraceptive pills and photosensitizing medications can also bring hormonal changes in the body. Mask during pregnancy that usually fade after birth, is recognized as Cholasma.
  • In Melasma, the pigment macules spread over the large areas of face like forehead, chin, upper lip and cheeks. Women are mostly affected by Melasma. The condition is mostly found in the people with dark skin. People with lighter skins can also be affected, if their family has history of pigmentation.


This is increased stage of pigmentation, which occurs due to intense and constant exposure to sun light and mostly found the back, neck and face.

Causes of Pigmentation

Pigmentation problem can occur to all people regardless of their race, region and skin colour & type. After pigmentation the skin will either become lighter (hypo pigmentation) or darker (hyper pigmentation). The reason behind is that either the skin produces excessive amount of melanin or insufficient amount of melanin. The amount of melanin determines the skin colour. An enzyme namely tyrosinase is responsible for triggering of melanin. Melanin forms the colour of hair, eyes and face.

Melanin has two main types:

  • Eumelanin – people with brown skin and hair colour are the affected persons.
  • Pheomelan – impart a yellow to reddish tone

Melanin is a natural sun block of skin, depending on the amount there; it shields the skin from ultra violet rays.

Skin damage is also among one of the causes of hyper pigmentation, as it is present in scars. Usually this also prevails in the people with darker skin tones. It is a matter of fact that the major cause of skin discoloration, brown spots and dark areas of skin is the unprotected exposure to sunlight. The different forms of pigmentation of skin appear in later life due to years of direct exposure to sunlight.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ingredients That Stop Melanin Production

If you want a clear and even complexion, you need to know which ingredients stop melanin production. Women throughout the world spend millions of dollars on foundation and concealers that just mask rather than prevent dark spots from occurring. Luckily for you, there are affordable products with ingredients that will stop those pesky spots from appearing on your skin.

Dark Spots

Melanin, the pigment that gives our skin color, is produced by cells called melanocytes. The darker your skin, the more your melanocytes produce melanin. Sometimes, deposits of melanin form in one area, resulting in a dark spot. Called hyperpigmentation, the dark spots are caused bygenetics, sun damage, hormonal changes, and skin irritation. Irritation from acne is a particularly common cause of dark spots.


Hydroquinone is one of the most effective ingredients that can stop melanin production. Hydroquinone decreases the skin cells' formation of melanin. While hydroquinone creams are effective, you need to be patient because it may take up to three months for you to see results. Hydroquinone creams are available in both over-the-counter and prescription products. Apply the cream only on your dark spots. Since you may over-bleach your skin if you're not careful, choose a lower-strength hydroquinone cream. Murad Age Spot & Pigment Lightening Gel, $60, DermStore, contains 2% hydroquinone in addition to glycolic acid. Glycolic acidexfoliates dead skin cells so that new, unblemished skin can emerge.

Bearberry Extract

If hydroquinone is too harsh for you or you are worried about the side effects, arbutin is a natural ingredient that stops melanin production. A natural extract found in wheat, bearberry and some types of pear, arbutin works the same way as hydroquinone. Arbutin is commonly referred to as bearberry extract. Both BioElements LightPlex Scientific Pigment Balancer, $52.50,, and Exuviance Skin Brightening Gel, $27.39, SkinElite, contains bearberry extract in addition to other ingredients that brighten the skin.