Saturday, September 28, 2013

5 natural ways to remove dark spots from your face

Who does wish for a smooth, flawless skin. Despite an array of beauty products tried and tested, women usually fail to get the desired results.
What the majority doesn’t understand is , use of chemicals might provide some respite temporary, it will eventually have side effects on the skin.
The important part is that skin care should be a regular process and should be abided religiously. In case you suffer from blemishes and dark spots, which have not diminished despite all your efforts, then worry no more.
We bring to you homemade natural remedies which will help you in getting rid of your dark spots.
Here’s what you can do.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Ever-so-lovely Katey Denno is the go-to makeup artist that so many Hollywood beauties rely upon to achieve red carpet gorgeousness without a toxic-product overload. A diverse array of Hollywood clients like Gweneth Paltrow, Chelsea Handler and Amanda Seyfried, all come to Katey looking for one thing: knock-out beauty with an all-natural glow. Katey’s first tutorial for The Chalkboard stars the familiar face of model Angela Highsmith (a team favorite for her long history with our favorite catalog). Here Katey and Angela demonstrate how to get a soft natural pink lip that will have them begging you to ‘Be Mine’. Take it away Katey:
EARLY ON, model Angela Highsmith and I  discovered our shared passion for all things natural and my respect for her natural body of knowledge grows every time we spend a day on set together. In addition to our shared quest for the latest in green beauty products, Angela makes her own homemade treatments for a variety of skin issues, brews skullcap herbal tea for her daughter every morning to ‘help chill her out before school’ and keeps a vibrant herbal home garden, whipping up concoctions to treat cuts and bruises from what grows in her own back yard! I recently introduced skullcap tea into my regimen. It really does the trick when chilling out to get ready for bed.
Beyond this one’s truly natural beauty, I love that she is constantly learning new things as well, whether classes at the New York Open Center or one-on-one sessions with an herbologist.
On the day of this photo shoot, I created a naturally glowing, ready-for-Valentine’s-Day lip look with products even the most discerning green beauty aficionados can approve of. We both loved this fresh, gorgeous look with just a pop of lip color and are happy to share with you all. Can you believe this shot was captured at the end of an 8-hour day on set?