Monday, February 10, 2014

Remove Dark Spots Naturally

How to Remove Dark Spots Naturally
Do you want a free formula that will help you remove dark spots naturally? You surely do because dark spot is unpleasant. It occurs by variety of skin health factors like aging or genetics and blemishes your skin. Start thinking of practical solutions to remove dark spots naturally on your face or shoulder.

1. Use Lemon Juice to Fade the Dark Spot Away
You can use lemon juice to fade away the dark, irritating spot on your face or any area of your skin. Cut the lemon juice into two and rub one half directly to the dark spot area on your face. Lemon and lime juice is strongly acidic and; therefore, dampening the juice directly to your face will bleach out the blemishes in your skin and help remove dark spots naturally.
Apply the juice at least twice a day for over a week. The spot will go away in approximately 8 days.

2. Scrub the Dark, Dead Skin with Sugar Cube
Use the sugar cube to gently scratch the dead skin where the dark spot is located on your skin. Sugar contains glycolic acid which is a natural chemical peel that can help fade or remove dark spots on our skin naturally. So, it’s good to use sugar to exfoliate the pimples anywhere you find them on your skin.

3. Make a Rose Water Paste and Apply it to the Dark Spot Area in Your Skin
Use rose water and mix it with some sandalwood powder in a bowl to make a paste and wear it on your face to lighten, diminish, or fade out the dark spot away.

4. Massaging the Dark Spot Area with Honey or Raw Potato Juice
A great way to fade the dark spot away on your skin is by applying vitamin E oil or using honey to massage the dark marks on your skin. This is very practical and it clears away the whiteheads on your skin.

5. Use Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is essential skin oil that is very nourishing to skin rashes and blackheads. When it comes to wiping dark spot in your skin, Aloe Vera is the lubricant to use. The oil cures not only dark spots, but burns, skin stings, and scrapes as well.
Put pure Aloe Vera oil on your skin twice a day. Leave the oil for at least 45 minutes, and that will remove your dark spot naturally without a hitch!

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