Saturday, September 5, 2009

Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation

If you believe your stuggle with pimples was difficult, you have another far more treacherous journey coming. This obstacle is none other than hyperpigmentation. This symptom appears in the form of reddish, darkened areas on the skin. These areas are remnants of the zits that once existed. while pimples alone take time and persistence to cure, so does hyperpigmentation. Professional treatments are often expensive and carry the danger of an acne relapse. This is definitely something we do not want to fall victim to. There are some other paths you can follow to fight those pesky red marks. We will walk you through some of these techniques below.

Lemon juice is one of the most popular acne skin care tips that individuals tend to use incorrectly and thus report horrible results. You can effectively get rid of hyperpigmentation with lemon juice as it is a skin lightener. The key to a good experience is to moisturize after applying the substance. It can be very drying to the skin, and hence can contribute to breakouts if used with no moisturizer. Apply the juice topically on your facial area for several weeks and monitor your improvement. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Sun exposure can aggravate the dark spots left behind by acne. Even though your skin may appear radiant immediately after sun exposure, it won’t look the same in the days to follow. You should not bother researching how to get rid of acne marks unless you intend on wearing sunscreen. If you plan on utilizing the lemon juice mentioned above, you can purchase a sunblock and moisturizer combo.

If you do not wish to apply any sort of treatments atop your skin aside from you pimple topicals, just let the hyperpigmentation subside on its own. It will take several months, however, there will be little danger of causing new breakouts.

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