Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How To Get Rid Of Freckles

Freckles, (aka ephelis and melanin), are found specially over the fair complexioned women. Inherited genetically, the freckles can affect anyone else, be it men, women or children. The freckles surface over the skin due either to emergence of melanocortin1 receptor(MC1R) or exposure of skin to harmful UV-B radiation’s contrary effect. Hereditary DNA disorder also develops the freckles which can be improved only with some medicines to be prescribed by the doctor.

Freckles, affecting mostly the facial skin, shoulder and arms, victimize the mild skinned ones like women and tender age children at large. Forty plus men are considered to be immune to freckles and rarely are found affected from it. Skin and beauty-conscious women anxiously contemplate over how to get rid of their freckles easily, efficiently and successfully.

Though freckles fade naturally and disappear with the passage of time on their own, sometimes they are needed to be treated. Over-the-counter medicines, prescription and surgical treatment are the options available for the affected one to choose from. People, suffering from genetically inherited freckles, can get rid of their freckles by consuming DNA correcting medicines or drugs. Follow the tips being penned down over here in order to help you get rid of your freckles.

* Do not have excursion under the sunshine with your body exposed to sun’s harmful UV rays. Do not expose your body to UV-radiation. Cover your face, shoulder and arms well with cloth while going out of house under sunshine. Protecting the expose-able parts of your body from sun has got to help you get rid of freckles easily and successfully.
* Apply the sunscreen lotion or cream over your skin, while moving out under scorching heat of sunshine. Such precautionary step will surely help you get rid of freckles effectively.
* Medicines, containing hydroquinone with their effective bleaching property, help the women and children get rid of their freckles by lightening the darkness of freckles or melanin much faster.
* Laser treatment- Operated with an innovative devise, the laser rays remove the freckles, thus putting to an end the possibility of freckles emerging over the skin again. It is applied as the last option in serious freckle problems.


* Freckles, emerging due to exposure of skin to UV rays of sun, fade automatically with the passage of time.
* Freckles are not caused due to skin disorder.
* Sunscreen and protection from sun are the only effective ways to get rid of freckles.
* Less concentration of photo-protective freckles among the women render them more susceptible to noxious effects of UV rays, which causes unwanted freckles over their skin.
* Genetically inherited freckles are described as ephelides. Such kinds of freckles happen to be flattened with light brown or red color. Though some of them automatically get faded during the winter season many of them do not disappear even with the passage of time and are needed to be treated either with medicines or laser therapy.
* Some freckles, emerging due to exposure of skin to the sun, happen to be of obstinate nature and do not fade even in the winter season. Such kinds of freckles are known as liver spots or Lentigines, forcing the affected ones to go for laser treatment in order to get rid of their unwanted emergence.

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