Monday, May 19, 2008

Cellulite And Skin Care

By Mitch Endick

The term cellulite is literally a made up word that has somehow made it into the modern lexicon by virtue of some very clever marketing. The medical community has yet to recognize the term cellulite as referring to any known medical condition. Walking into a doctors office and complaining about the patches of this stuff called cellulite on your thighs should be met with a wry smile and an explanation of what you are really seeing in the mirror, fat. That is right, so called cellulite is nothing more than naturally occurring fat deposits that develop for a whole host of reasons and any physician worth their salt would be quick to debunk the cellulite myth.

Despite the dubious origins of the term cellulite, a plethora of myths have sprung up about what causes it and how to get rid of it. The popular mythology of cellulite defines it as an unsightly fat deposit that gives the surface of the skin a sort of orange peel look. The mere mention of the word cellulite is often a cause of dread and self-loathing for many folks who may be overly concerned about their body image. Preying on the overly self-conscious who think that any thing less than a perfect bikini profile will doom them to be forever cast down from the social heavens, the marketplace has been flooded with cures and treatments that are said to help us deal with this terrible affliction.

Some of the ways to eliminate so called cellulite range from the mundane and ridiculous, to the patently absurd. There is the usual assortment of creams and gels that claim to almost magically breakdown these miserable little fats cells. And let us not forget those specially designed skin scrubbers, sponges and loofahs that will make those unsightly fat deposits simply disappear. The simple truth is that these products, just like the snake oil cures of earlier times, have no purpose other than to separate the gullible from their hard earned cash. The only good news about these creams, scrubbers, lotions and other contraptions is that they are not usually dangerous.

Advocates of cellulite removal products often claim that scrubbing the offending area with their gizmo may help to break down these fat deposits and improve the look of the skin. Local circulation may in fact improve but the fat will probably still be there. Topical creams and lotions may hydrate, soften and improve the look of your skin but these products are applied to the surface of the skin and will not penetrate to the anywhere near the fat layer under the skin. In other words, creams and lotions will not rid you of so called cellulite.

Marketed as anti-cellulite pantyhose, anti-embolic stockings may actually help by increasing and improving blood circulation in the legs. Never use any type of compression hosiery without first consulting your doctor. But seriously, the causes of fat deposits may still boil down to the natural aging process, poor skin tone, poor circulation, extra weight and poor dietary choices. Always consult a physician if you notice changes in your skin in order to rule out disease or illness.

The simple truth is that there is no such thing as cellulite and fat by any other name is fat. Experts agree that the best way to maintain a healthy look is to eat right, exercise, loose those extra pounds, do not smoke and get enough sleep. The money you save by not falling for the cellulite myth will bring a smile to your face and a smile will always improve your appearance.

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