Monday, June 23, 2008

The fair demand of emphasize the point do it slowly

●stem turn, hydration

because of present the composition of the fair product still can’t escape from a “sour” medium inducement, so long-term the usage fair product have to burden skin because of sour but lead to of dry sensitive phenomenon.Moreover, if skin long-term be placed in epidermis the condition of the water shortage bottom, also very easy aging with creation crease.So while use fair product, must in the meantime usage have height the cream of hydration function, common disguise also as far as possible little use to absorb water water powder with stronger sex a round flat cake.

in addition, if the circumstance of black spot not right and wrong get at short date inside spare no one, suggestion you had better just in the evening usage stronger composition of fair product, because if everyday all let the skin face water shortage sooner or later with slight sensitive of condition, daytime of work pressure, motion, air condition, pollution would more soon the skin aging speed, on the contrary creation 1 don’t even 1 again of skin perplex.

●emphasize a point, can’t the whole face be fair

carry on fair maintain, must remember the way of thing have their order of priority, be also divide the line district to treat respectively.If only fair maintain a list article, so the whole face put on once, the brindled place put on 2-3 times, again supplementary several minutes of massage.If the fair skin care products for use separate the strength, so only have strength at the brindled part Cha Gao of product.Remember, when the other people see you, what to see is whole the whole individual even, only when you see oneself, see of be the spot of face.

●periodical go to horniness

moderation go to of geniality horniness ability help melanin of metabolism and new cell of rebirth velocity.Buy a kind of geniality of go to horniness product, give the brindled part do a for each week”moderation” of go to horniness, ask ten million to remember too much is as bad as too little, best of the method be nursing philosophy of “geniality gradually enter”, every week 5 minute of concern all right already.

●defend to baskprotection

sunlight is only one ability let skin melanin the cell have reaction of thing, even endocrine again mess, drank many coffee again, if have no the sun still will not tan or long spot.In addition in recent years ultraviolet ray to skin of dangerous index number gradual go up, so ignore have demand fair or go to spot, as long as arrived the sunlight bright and beautiful season, all get Cha top sun block Be protection.

●mental state health

face top long spot of person, usually the spot be clearly thin side the person almost can not see clearly, but herself be it happened that and displeased pain and sufferings unbearable!

when not a few people rise early to see in mirror, very anxious to stick to examine oneself’s weakness on the mirror:The pore of nose head is more and more thick;The spot that is on the Quan bone closely;The fine line of eye Cape is obvious to deepen of trend;The pendulous eyelid almost can shear down to make into a curtain ……at stroke over oneself of self-confidence after, psychological stress more and more big, hence, the pore be thicker, spot more deep, the eyelid hanged more, woman more not happiness.So kick out spot, mental state health also very importance!

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