Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ageless Beauty Tips For Women

One does not have to put herself under the knife's mercy just to attain a look that is based on other people's preferences.

Beauty is merely another one of the so many states of mind that have been set by humans. There really is no specific method to measure beauty since people may prefer the looks of an era and hate it after a decade or so. Besides, it is not to be gauged in the first place. Beauty simply deserves appreciation. Moreover, appreciation should not only come from other people. It should first come from the person who holds such beauty.

Let's face it. It is still a person's physical appearance that gets a second look. No matter how many people spout the mantra "beauty is only skin deep", it still pays to make the best out of one's physical assets, let alone maintain it.

If you are one of those who just recently discovered that to maintain your aesthetic features is ALSO important among many things, hey it's about time! Here are some not so technical know-how's on how one can attain and maintain ageless beauty inside and out.

Maintain Personal Hygiene

There is no better expression of one's good beauty values than a clean and clear complexion, a well-maintained set of teeth, and a nice, fresh scent. And how else can those be achieved but only through regular hygienic practices. One does not have to buy expensive beauty products to look the best. But being consistent with your beauty regimen can surely help.

Other beauty rituals that are not to be overlooked include the following:

Grooming your eyebrows

Arches that are neatly shaped can make a big difference in how one looks. A professional's help can be asked to get them into the shape that suits your face best. Tweezing for maintenance can easily be done on your own.

Getting your nails done

No woman can ever be excused from having clean nails. They don't have to always salon-configured but a clear or neutral nail polish would go a long way.

Get Healthy

If you have not been on the wagon yet, jump in. Or better yet, jog. What beauty can one person see from a person that is sickly? No illness symptom has made anyone look better yet. Getting enough exercise can make one glow. Good food supports the skin's renewal, thus maintain age-defying beauty.

Steer Clear from Product Abuse

Did you know that some deodorants can even aggravate that foul body odor? If you are not going to your workplace or if you don't have to attend any special occasion, it would not be necessary to put on deodorant. As long as you don't engage yourself with highly sweat-producing activities, your deodorant stick is not needed.

Overuse of cosmetic products such as foundation cakes or powders can make one's breakout become worse. These products often contain oils that are comedogenic or can clog pores and cause zit fests. If you must or if your profession requires it, use those that are water-based and those that don't have strong scents. Hypoallergenic cosmetics are a good help to those with sensitive skin. Also, look at the label if you would like to ensure the safety of your skin is the word non-comedogenic.

If you can help it, use any product sparingly. Au natural is still the way to go if you would like to preserve your beauty.

Sun block is one product that a person who is conscious with her skin health must never go anywhere without. Together with a light lip balm, and some translucent powder, one just needs to flash a nice smile to complement the look.

Keep Your Cool

Cultivating a calm and sunny disposition will inhibit the effects of stress to one's face. Keep away from situations that can stress you. You don't any wrinkles when it's too early to have them, do you?

With these tips Aphrodite will soon envy you. Not because you will soon become more beautiful than her but because you are now more well-equipped to maintain your best features.

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