Friday, September 26, 2008

What is Laser Hair Removal and Is It Something for You?

Summer is here and it's time to break out those summer clothes and swimsuits and enjoy the warm sun and extended daylight hours. For some people, however, warmer weather can be a source of embarrassment. They have unsightly body hair that keeps them wearing long-sleeve shirts and pants even as the mercury soars past 100. However, thanks to advancements in laser hair removal they too can enjoy freedom that summer brings.

The history of unwanted hair removal probably started with shaving. After this various creams came into the market stating that they were able to remove body hair quickly. Some of these certainly did others did not but the biggest problems with such kinds of remedies was that the hair removal they provided was temporary only. Then permanent hair removal either with electrolysis or laser was introduced.

Available for both men and women, laser hair removal has become quick, painless and available outside of the doctors office in specialty clinics and boutiques that are located across the country. In just appointments the average woman can be putting on her long tucked-away swimsuit and showing off her smooth, silky skin. Most of these procedures takes less than 15 minutes and usually compromise 3 or 4 visits at the most. While traditional insurance won't cover such cosmetic procedures, most clinics are affordably priced and offer various methods of payments including financing plans in some areas.

Most everyone is eligible for treatment except those who possess dark pigmentation of the skin. Because of the lasers involved these people may absorb too much laser radiation to make the procedure safe. However, most clinics offer free consultations so that you can find out if you are eligible for treatment. In addition the process leaves no scars or markings on the body. You can literally walk from the clinic to the beach without having to worry about a length healing process.

If you are interested in finding out more, consult your local phone directory to locate the treatment center nearest you.

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