Monday, December 15, 2008

Concepts Of Skin Care !!

The concept of beauty itself has undergone such a transformation, that it is little wonder that the change has been felt in the field of cosmetology as well. The emphasis has gradually shifted from camouflage of defects, to a more comprehensive art, which involves both preventive and corrective care of the skin.

It is founded on the idea that many skin problems can be avoided by taking a few simple precautions; believing in other words, in the maxim that ‘prevention is better than cure.’ Attention is also being paid to the ingredients in cosmetics, to achieve the best results. Refer for complete skin care routine and tips.

Skin care concept #1. Growing old, Staying young

One factor that has influenced the modern approach to beauty is the human desire to delay all signs of ageing for as long as possible. And no other organ of the body reveals age as much as the skin does. For complete detail on dry skin (see, for oily skin ( ) , for sensitive skin ( ) . Modern skin has changed all this. Today, a person whose good looks have proved durable, need not depend on heredity or a substantial bank balance. Skin care is now within the reach of everyone. All one needs is an awareness of the methods and products that are available, and relate them to individual needs.

Skin care concept #2. Moisture is Life

As knowledge about the skin and its cosmetic needs have grown, it has been found that aged and prematurely aged skins have one thing in common - a lack of moisture. A youthful skin, on the other hand, is soft and moist, proving how important moisture is to the skin. The amount of moisture that the skin holds determines its texture to a great extent - weather it is soft and smooth, or dry, rough, creepy and covered with fine lines. The skin loses moisture to the environment, when humidity is low, or is lowered by artificial means. Make your own homemade moisturizers easily learn how -

Skin care concept #3. Essential 4-step Skin care routine

Learn it here

Skin care concept #4. Prevention is better than Cure

Between prevention and corrective care, the former is much simpler and less time-consuming. Corrective skin-care, of course, spells hope for people with specific problems that detract from beauty. With preventive care, the earlier you start, the better and longer lasting are the results. The texture of one skin is different form another and so are its other characteristics. Get all information on skin types at Therefore, its needs are also different.

For the detail and depth knowledge of all skin problems and their treatments refer Cosmetics Diary - is comprehensive guide to skin care and skin disorders information.

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