Monday, December 8, 2008

Remove freckles from sugar and lemon

The prominent dark brown spot is bothering you? Dark brown spots are called freckles which appear on faire skin. Mostly seen on faire complexion. They overshadow your entire face beauty and may be the reason to build inferiority complex. Most often they are related with your environment and hereditary. However, one can easily do away with them. Yes, you can reduce the visibility of freckles. Just turn your face towards your kitchen you will find the remedies to remove them.
Take a lemon juice and mix it with sugar. Apply on your face with your finger tips. Rub gently. Focus on affected area; this will definitely reduce the severity of freckles. Lemon and sugar are just the starting. If you are not happy with them you can opt for horseradish juice or oatmeal. Dab them on the affected areas and free from the freckles. You can also apply lemon mixed juice or orange mixed juice.
To get fast result try washing your face from sour milk. It is good for the skin and also restores the moisture with the removal agent of freckles. You may find sour cream and it is good for freckles. Don’t make a mistake to wash it off, just wipe off with soft cotton and dab with genuine moisturizer.
Your kitchen has so many things to apply. You can grind mustard seeds and apply on face over night and wash it off next morning. This reduces the appearance of freckles.
You can also go for mixed warm honey with a scanty amount of wheat germ and gently spread on your face. Rinse off with warm water after 15 minutes. This is the way to freckle free face.
Don’t just apply all your eatables on your face, eat them too. This will boost you from within your body too. Your skin is what makes you feel beautiful. Healthy and glowing skin really brings smile to one’s face. Follow the guidelines and carry that killing smile.

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