Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dark Neck Discoloration Treatments

We all know that having a dark neck is very embarrassing and frustrating.

I have seen so many men and especially women who covers their neck just to hide the dark skin pigmentations that is sticking on the surface of the skin and also the big contribution of pollution and dirt to make it more become discolored.

Let’s admit this that sometimes we tend to forget to take care of our neck and we are mostly concern with our face’s appearance.

I have that same mistake as well.

We have forgotten that our face is also connected to our neck and vice versa. And so since majority has a common problems like this, let’s not waste time and start pointing out some ways of what you can do on treating them.

Are you ready? Sit back and relax.


The very first thing you need to do is by applying a good sunscreen with SPF 30 or more. Whenever you apply some sunscreen into your face just make sure that you don’t stop at your chin area. Continue to go down right into your neck and massage.

If you are wearing some sexy plunging neckline or V-tops, make sure that you cover it up with a sunscreen as well to even out the tone from your face to your neck and to your chest.

It’s like face-neck-chest cycle application.

Collagen and Elastin

If you want to spend a little bit more, start using products that can boost the elasticity and collagen production on your neck to prevent from sagging. Also, it will help you restore its beauty and fight against early aging while having a long battle of dark neck discoloration.

A very famous brand like SkinCeutical’s C E Ferulic which increases collagen production and Relastin Skin Revitalizer is a way to go.

When applying this certain kind of topical vitamin C serums, it might cause irritation most especially if you have sensitive skin. What you can do is to skip every other day until your skin gets used to it.


Skin Whitening Soaps

You can try or buy some skin whitening soaps and concentrate to apply it into your neck to whiten its appearance. By doing that, make sure that you use moisturizer and a sunscreen to keep it from hydrated.

Skin Whitening or Bleaching Creams

By applying a reasonable amount of skin bleaching or whitening creams containing kojic acid, you can see a great improvement in lightening the appearance of dark neck. But make sure you use sunscreen on top of it so that it will protect you for more unwanted skin hyperpigmentation.

I am not yet done!

As I was researching, I came across with this term - “Acanthosis Nigricans” which is also related of having dark neck skin pigmentation and this kind of disorder starts at any age and gender. It will appear as light brown to black discoloration usually in the neck, under your arms and in the inner thigh part.

So what causes it?

Having too much of junk foods or unhealthy foods especially the sugars and starches, it can cause an increase insulin resistance forcing some skin receptors to grow abnormally. But if you keep healthy and watch out for the foods you eat, it can lead to improvements of whitening back your neck.

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