Thursday, February 19, 2009

It is very important to keep skin healthy and shiny

Therefore, in order to keep your skin supple, especially during the warm sunny days, you need to stay away from sunlight, the radiation of the sun brings two types of radiation, the ultra violet (UV) and infra red (IR) radiation, too much exposure to these rays can cause skin to burn or so. Basically, the UV radiation causes a wrinkle in your skin and is also believed to cause skin cancer. How to protect your skin from the harmful radiation of the sun? You can use sunscreen lotion or that carry the "Sunday Protection Factor Rating System," also known as SPF. The protective agent was introduced in solar lotions or creams to prevent burns in 1978 Sunday. If you expose your skin to the sun for 10 minutes without sunscreen protection, you're skin turns pink, but if you are using a screen Sunday, which will take 20 minutes. This also depends on the type of skin is exposed. If your skin is fair, then your skin will be affected earlier and darker the skin pigment melanin acts as a natural blocker, and gives better protection from the sun. The SPF number actually indicates the percentage of UV rays, the cream or lotion blocks. For example, a product with SPF 2, block about fifty percent of the sun. Products with SPF 15 can block some ninety-three percent of radiation. Products with SPF 30 can block almost ninety-seven percent of the radiation. Therefore the most PESA, which receives the greatest protection. However, we should note that, sunscreen lotions and can give you one hundred percent protection from harmful UV radiation, so it will always be under a shadow and wearing a cap and shades. Ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium creams curtain acted as a barrier that reflects radiation from the sun like a mirror, which is why it is called "block of Physics." Sunday as synthetic screens benzophones, salicylates and cinnamat absorb UV radiation, and is not reflected. If you have sensitive skin, then choose only sites that have physical blocks to prevent skin reactions. You can even try to sweat and water resistant with creams such as vitamins E and C, which nourishes the skin, removes wrinkles and protect against skin cancer.

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