Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lighten Up Your Dark Knees and Elbows

Most of us are usually attracted to physical appearance. Both men and women with healthy and flawless looking skin will stand out compare to those who are suffering with dark patches or uneven skin tone.

Sadly, one of the most common skin pigmentation that most of us suffer is the continuous darkening of knees and elbows.

Women most especially is too ashamed to wear skirt or sleeveless clothes because they don’t want to expose those dark spots around their knees and elbows. As a result, someone whose experiencing this would rather wear jeans or long sleeveless just to cover them up.

It’s frustrating isn’t?

That is why today we will discuss it’s causes and what sort of options that we can do to lighten them up!

Causes of Dark Knees and Elbows:

  • Too much sun exposure with no protective coverings and sunscreen protection.
  • Constant kneeling or leaning your elbows at all time with no protective clothing.
  • Other type of medications that leads to a side effect that causes the discoloration of your knees and elbows.
  • Certain disease like Addison’s syndrome (endoctrine disease) and PCOD.
  • Neglecting to take good care of them.

Now we know the roots that triggers your knees and elbows to darken, we can treat them easily.

Whiten Your Dark Knees and Elbows - Treatment and Tips

  1. Exfoliating your skin once or twice a week is a good way for skin renewal. This process simply get rid of some dry or dead skin thus releasing a good radiance of new skin cells.
  2. Moisturizing your body after a shower and exfoliating is really important whether this is your case or not. There is not enough oil glands in the parts of our knees and elbow so it will help if your keep it moist. There are some cheap body moisturizing lotion in the market and make sure it has ingredients like: shea butter, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, urea and alpha-hydroxy.
  3. A good application of sunscreen with SPF 30 or SPF 45. For more info about sunscreen, go here.

Here are some tips when exfoliating your knees and elbows:

  • Wet skin and use a loofah, scrub or wash cloth to exfoliate your body and scrub it in a gentle circular motion.
  • Don’t you over exfoliate or scrub your skin as this will result damage to some delicate layers in your skin.
  • Never, never and never try to exfoliate the parts of your body especially in your elbows and knees where there is an open wound. It might causes infection and discomfort.
  • Try to look for an exfoliating products that has ingredients like: apricot mild-particles, cane/brown sugar, almonds, glycolic acid, sea salt and pumice. Try St. Ive’s Apricots Scrub or Neutrogena Sugar Scrub Body Exfoliator.

Those mentioned above are the best 3 ways to live up with a fresher, supple and vibrant knees and elbows. This takes time but if you start putting them into action now…before you realize you’ll be wearing those mini-skirt/shorts/short sleeveless back again.

I have listed some good home remedies for dark knees and elbows. Why not check them out and pick one that’s best for you!

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