Monday, March 30, 2009

3 Step Guide to Remove Age Spots

What if I told you it’s easy to remove age spots? A large segment of our adult population suffers from these dreaded spots, yet people are unaware of the basic steps they need to take for curing them effectively. In this article I’ll discuss three steps for effectively combating age spots.

1. Prevent age spots from forming in the first place
Instead of trying to remove age spots, it’s much easier to prevent them from forming in the first place itself.

Ultraviolet rays present in sun light are the biggest cause for age spot formation. The UV rays cause increased melanin production in the body, and when melanin gets concentrated at any place in the skin, brown spots appear – which we call age spots or liver spots.

To effectively protect your skin against the sun, apply a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15. Apply it at least 30 min before going out in the sun so that it can be absorbed by the skin properly. Wear protective clothing like hats and sunglasses which can shade you from the sun light.

Not only will this prevent age spots from forming, it will also lighten existing ones by regulating the melanin content in the skin.

2. Try a home made remedy
Using chemical peels or laser surgery for age spot removal can cause damage to your skin. These processes are destructive by nature and though they can remove spots, they can leave behind unwanted marks on the skin.

Instead, you can try using pure lemon juice or onion juice on the skin area affected with spots. These juices contain natural acids in a very mild concentration, and would not cause any harm to the skin.

3. Use a natural cream
For safe and effective results, you can use a good cream with natural ingredients to remove age spots. A good cream will contain the extract of many natural substances which help in cleaning the skin.

Extrapone nutgrass is most effective at dealing with age spots. It reduces the production of melanin in the skin up to 40%.

Burdock, red clover, and milk thistle are other natural ingredients which help lighten existing age spot by cleansing the blood stream.

You don’t need any elaborate and expensive procedures to remove age spots. Just stick to the basics and find a good natural cream, and you can have that spot-free skin of your youth back in no time at all.

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