Friday, April 17, 2009

Dark Lips Remedy, Treatment for Dark Lips

Dark lips can attract undue attention and cause embarrassment. Although you can cover this up with the application of lipstick, it makes more sense for you to use some simple home remedies to get rid of this problem so that you will have naturally pink lips. One of the most effective remedies for lightening the color of dark lips is by applying lemon juice. Lemon is known to possess bleaching qualities and this will help reduce the intensity of darkness. You can also use a mixture of cucumber juice and lemon juice. The best thing about both these treatments is that since neither of them stain they can be left on overnight.

You will find that applying Aloe Vera juice on your lips also helps reduce the darkness and keep your lips soft. You can mash a small piece of a ripe banana, add some drops of honey to it and mix in one teaspoon of sour cream. Mix in a spoon of sugar and use this as a nourishing lip scrub. Mix a few drops of honey with some lemon juice and apply this on your lips. You can also use milk cream to massage your lips. Adding a pinch of turmeric powder also helps to keep your lips healthy and blemish free.

You should also accept the fact that heredity does play an important role in determining the color of our skin and lips. So, if you belong to a family that has dark lips then you should perhaps accept that your lips may never really become pink. If you have recently noticed the darkness of your lips then you should consider consulting your doctor since this could be caused by some illness. You can try using a lip stick which has sunscreen in it as this can help prevent your lips from becoming too dark. In addition you can try cutting down on your intake of tea and coffee.. Similarly increasing your intake of water can also influence the way the lips look.

Make sure that you remove all traces of lipstick as soon as you get home and never leave it on overnight. Avoid using a lipstick that is past its expiration date since this could react badly with your skin. Also, if you have recently started using a new brand of lipstick and noticed the darkness after this, you should consider not using that particular brand. Sometimes your allergic reaction to the lip stick may be responsible for you lips becoming darker.

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