Saturday, June 13, 2009

How to get rid of dark brown spot on skin naturally

How to remove dark brown spots on skin using skin lightening creams

First of all, you must stop using pumice stone if you are experiencing any kind of irritation, swelling, or, as in your case, brown spots on your body. At least stop using it temporarily till your problem gets solved; even after that, you might want to take a decision on whether you really want to continue using a pumice stone on your skin. Here is some information about pumice: it is nothing but volcanic rock. One of the theories on its formation is that it is formed when hot lava gets mixed with water and cools down fast. Others say that it is nothing but superheated rock that’s under pressure for too long and is ejected during an eruption. The sudden depressurization creates the bubble texture that’s found on this rock. In beauty salons, pumice stones are mostly used during a pedicure. They help remove the calluses as well as dry, excess skin from the bottom of the foot, and also to remove hair from your body temporarily. Some experts recommend limiting the use of pumice to the feet, as this skin tends to be thicker and stronger – the skin on the rest of the body may be too delicate to take such a harsh treatment, especially on a daily basis. However, let’s not be too certain that pumice is the only reason why you are getting brown spots. These could be “age spots” or “liver spots” too.

Anyone can tell you that pollution and stress are a few reasons for brown spots on your body, but over and above that, the mighty sun can be blamed too. Whatever you do, do not leave your house without your favorite sunscreen, even in winter. We’re talking about every part of your skin that is exposed to the sun, but especially your arms and face.

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