Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eyepothesis - Treatment For Dark Circles

Dark circles around the eyes can be truly unsightly. This is mainly the reason why more and more people are looking for an effective way of treating dark circles around the eyes. However, people must understand that effective treatment for dark circles must start with the underlying cause of such skin discoloration. And the first step for doing so is becoming aware.

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There are lots of causes for dark circles around the eyes. The most common causes include thin eyelid skin, prominent eyelid blood vessels and veins, pigmentation of the eyelids, hollow eyes, and the Arcus deformity or the true dark circle under the eye. Treatment for dark circles around the eyes must be directed towards these different causes for the cure to be effective.

Dark circles cause by thin eyelid skin can be corrected by cover up make up. Frequent microdermabrasion and the use of eye creams can also be very helpful because they tend to build new collagen that can help thicken the skin around the eye and it can also bring a certain degree of improvement. On the other hand, prominent eyelid blood vessels and veins can be corrected by laser treatments although this option poses a lot of risks.

Hyperpigmentation counts as one of the leading causes of dark circles around the eyes. The easiest way to treat hyperpigmentation is through the use of bleaching creams. Intense pulsed light treatments can also be resorted if pigmentation problems tend to be extreme.

Dark circles under the eyes cause by hollow eyes can be corrected through laser procedures and fat grafting. While treatment for dark circles caused by the Arcus Marginalis can involve a modern way of blepharoplasty that includes the release of the Arscus Marginalis plas fat repositioning or fat grafting. In addition, a transconjunctival incision can also be performed on the affected area

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