Sunday, September 20, 2009

Natural Remedies for Age Spot Removal | Brown Aging Spot Treatment

Age spots occur as a result of the skin not being able to repair itself from the damage to it from ultraviolet radiation. Age spots have also been called liver spots in the past as it was thought that their origins were due to some kind of problem in the liver. The spots usually occur in people over the age of 30. However, there is it can also be experienced by someone younger because the age of skin is measured in terms of exposure to the sun rather than in chronological age.

An age spot is a hyperpigmented blemish on the skin. An age spot usually starts out as a brown blemish that eventually turns black on repeated exposure to the sun. The reason that this happens is the high presence of melanin in the area – the pigment that is responsible for skin color. Melanin exists in the skin for two reasons, the production of vitamin D from exposure to the sun and as a natural sunscreen. Melanin has the ability to protect the skin from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun because it has the ability to absorb it and convert it into heat as part of a very fast reaction. This is why it is considered nature’s natural sunscreen and therefore, over the course of thousands of years of evolution, people who live in areas of harsh sunlight like the tropics are genetically endowed with more melanin to protect themselves from the sun’s radiation. However, this process is not as flawless as it seems and melanin can only absorb so much radiation. After a certain point, which could be within minutes of exposure to the sun, the UV radiation eventually penetrates the skin and damages its DNA. Any damage to the skin cells will prompt the skin to start a process of repair, but over time the ability of the skin to repair itself is diminished and an age spot appears.

There are remedies that cosmetic surgeons use to remove age spots and that is by removing the topmost layer of the skin where the blemish is. This is done by either rubbing the skin of, using a laser to burn it off or using liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin off. None of these methods is permanent and exposing the skin to harsh sunlight will make it reappear. The spot can be removed by applying a plant source of vitamin C to bleach the skin in the area. This source is best acquired from onions and lemons. Regular use of this method is necessary for visible effects.

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