Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Winning Tactics For Removing Age Spots

The formulas on the market for removing age spots are not nearly as effective as the cosmetics industry would like you to believe. Effective age spot removal requires specific all natural ingredients to be present in the products, but these ingredients are not what you are getting in most cases. The major corporations are simply feeding you chemicals as a treatment, and this will not work.

For removing age spots, what you need is an effective, all natural melanin inhibitor, as it is melanin hyperpigmentation that is causing the problem with the dark spots on your skin. I will explain what this means in a moment, but first I want to tell you that bleach is not a melanin inhibitor. It is a whitening agent that does not discern between the area to be treated, and the area that surrounds it.

Most responsible dermatologists do not recommend the use of chemical bleaches for age spot removal. They will tell you that these agents are only effective for treating discolorations that have nothing to do with melanin, and that are spread out over a large area. Bleaches tend to spread once applied, which means that when trying to remove discoloration the size of an age spot the results can be disastrous.

What is most likely to happen in this scenario is that the bleach will lighten the skin surrounding the dark spot in equal measure, which leave the hyperpigmentation clearly visible, and makes your entire complexion take on a mottled appearance. Removing age spots takes something more subtle than bleach, and something that is not so hard to control.

Age spot removal becomes necessary because there are certain skin cells that have sustained an extensive amount of damage through the course of your life from the UV radiation produced by the sun. These cells eventually go into a permanent state of melanin hyperpigmentation. Melanin is the determinant of skin pigment in humans, and it is what causes you to develop a tan when exposed to the sun for extended periods.

This is why I say that the only effective compound for removing age spots must inhibit melanin. There is no greater natural compound in the world for inhibiting melanin than what is known as Extrapone nut grass root, which comes from a variety of plant that grows wild across India. The Indian people have used this root as a skin lightening agent for over a thousand years.

It is the perfect ingredient for age spot removal, because it will gently blend in the hyperpigmentation from which you suffer until it matches exactly with the rest of your skin. This compound will leave your entire complexion looking creamy, and perfectly balanced. With the continued use of this inhibitor you will have little to worry about concerning the return of these discolored areas.

You simply have to be willing to look a little harder in order to find the all natural formulas that feature this wonder for removing age spots. When you do pick one up you will find that the results you get will be well worth the work that you put into finding it.

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