Monday, October 26, 2009

Hyperpigmentation, Dark, Liver & Age Spots - Why and How Are We Affected by Skin Discoloration?

Hyperpigmentation is a problem that occurs mainly in women, but older men are also often seen with dark patches on their skin. The most common places we see these problems are on the face, arms and hands which are places that we usually expose to the sun. The two main causes of hyperpigmentation problems are the sun and hormone imbalances.


Hyper pigmentation happens when the skin is turned darker than its usual color. This skin problem is caused by the over production of melanin which is the pigment that is responsible for our skin color.

Sun Exposure & Pigmentation Problems

Sun exposure and the lack of protection are two of the most common things why women and men are affected by skin discolorations and this is why the problem appears on the hands, arms and face. These are areas that we expose the most to the sun. Our natural skin color is what protects us from ultra violet light. A tan is actually not more than sun damage because it does not protect our skin.

Over a longer period of time and as we age, sun damage can leave permanent marks in our complexion. Dark, Liver or Age spots are all signs that are caused by prolonged and unprotected sun exposure.

Hormone Imbalances and Hyperpigmentation Problems

Women are more prone to be affected by age spots due to hormonal imbalances. The extinction of the hormone estrogen is what makes women more prone to melasma. The dark pigmentation of the skin is normal in pregnancy and it can also happen with birth control pills that contain estrogen.

Prevent Dark, Liver & Age Spots

As with any skin condition or problem you may have, age, liver and dark spots can be prevented. These following tips are not only going to help to clear your dark pigmentation problems, but they will also help to avoid the development of skin discoloration.

To prevent the sun from damaging our skin, it is imperative to use sun block with a SPF above 15. The most common mistakes in sun protection are that people tend to think that sunscreens are only applied during summer months when the sun is at its strongest. Truth is that sunscreen needs to be applied year around because the sun can be equally damaging during autumn and winter.

Application of a product made to hinder melanin fabrication is always useful for skin affected by hyperpigmentation problems. Rumex herb extract is a well known natural ingredient used in many age spot removal products. This extract is able to inhibit melanin production to reduce further imperfections and even out skin tone.

Using an exfoliation product from an early age can help to prevent the formation of age spots. Hyperpigmentation problems start deep in the epidermis, which is why it is crucial to exfoliate to get rid of the very top layer of the skin and help to penetrate other complimentary treatments better.

Remember, using sunscreen year around, applying a skin regenerating moisturizer that contains Rumex extract and exfoliating twice a week can significantly improve your skin tone. Hyperpigmentation of the skin can be prevented with natural skin care products for a beautiful and blemish-free complexion.

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