Sunday, November 15, 2009

Great Tips on how to Remove Age Spots on Hands

Just like everyone in this world, you probably want to
delay the process of aging by all means possible. When you
reach a certain age, there are some tell tale signs of
getting old that just seem impossible to avoid, like
getting wrinkles and the appearance of age spots.

Age-spots, also called liver spots, are patches of brown
pigment that appears on parts of the skin that constantly
have been exposed to the sun through the years. Although
they rarely develop into a skin condition that you should
be alarmed of, knowing how to remove age spots on hands is
easy as long as you take note of the following tips.

An age spot basically is caused by exposure to ultraviolet
light found in ordinary sunlight. If you're one of those
people who neglect to put on sunscreen regularly, then you
are more susceptible to getting age spots than the people
who religiously lather on lotion with a high SPF factor.
People with pale skin should especially be careful in
exposing themselves to the sun so much as age-spots can
easily appear on their skins, even at a younger age.

Age-spots can be removed by a number of ways, with some
being more economical or effective than others. So before
you decide on a treatment on how to remove age-spots on
hands, make sure that you read every available material you
can find so that you can see the risks and benefits of each

The most popular and the most expensive way to remove
age-spots, is through laser treatment. Laser treatment
service can be availed from any dermatologist's office so
it's a common treatment option. Although laser treatment
can effectively reduce the signs of age spots, it
unfortunately does not cure the root of the problem. This
means, once you decide to stop your regular treatments, age
spots can easily make its appearance again.

Another popular treatment on how to remove age spots on
hands is by a chemical peel. A chemical peel may seem
effective as it strips away the top layer of the skin,
lightening the dark pigments of the age-spot, but it can
also seem a bit risky. It's easy to get burnt by chemical
peel components that turn out to be harsher than what your
skin can tolerate.

The most cost effective way, but probably the trial and
error of all ways on how to remove age spots on hands, is
by purchasing products that claim to fade the dark pigments
of age spots over time. No two products are alike so make
sure you look for a cream or lotion that has all natural
ingredients and no chemical components. Also opt for cream
or lotion that has antioxidant properties because its
guaranteed to slow down your skin's ageing process.

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