Sunday, January 31, 2010

How to Get Rid of Your Freckles

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    Disappearing Freckle Methods!
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    Take some non-diluted lemon juice and dip a cotton (or makeup) pad into it... Let it sit for approximately fifteen minutes and then pat dry with a towel. DO NOT WASH YOUR FACE!!! The best results may come at night time before you go to sleep because the remaining lemon juice will soak into your skin easier! Repeat this daily for at least one month and you will have results!
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    Take some milk and dip it into a cotton (or makeup) pad... Rub the pad into your skin for approximately ten minutes and you cannot wash your face! Repeat for at least three months and you may have results!
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    Fading Freckle Methods
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    First, figure out your skin-tone (translcent light, fair, beige, etc.) Then visit your local pharmacy and go to the makeup section... Look for COMPACT (not blush or bronzer) that is a little lighter than your true skin tone...Put this on daily for a while and your freckles will be much less visible :)
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