Saturday, January 9, 2010

How To Naturally Remove Dark Spots

How to get rid of age brown spots – this is the most typical question, that we come across; this is a really simple method of getting rid of these unpleasant looking spots with the help of natural items.

Why all-natural

To comprehend the why and how to get rid of age brown spots using an all natural product one must realize the reason for these spots.

Our skin consists of a pigment called Melanin. This pigment gives color towards the pores and skin. If the density is more the color of your skin is dark and when the density is much less the colour is brighter. As long as the density is consistent throughout the skin the color of your skin is same all over.

However, when this pigment breaks down and forms randomly, it rises the density in random places and we begin to see the result as dark brown spots, referred to as age spots.

The reason why they are called dark spots is the fact that as we age, the pigment Melanin seems unstable and breaks easily in the existence of sun rays.

Natural items have the capability of destroying the randomly accumulated melanin and therefore lowering the dark spots. Such goods are safe for the pores and skin simply because they have no side effects.

In addition to effective elements, natural products also have protective materials. For example, Avocado Oil; this oil is extracted from the fruit of Avocado. It makes a small protective layer on the skin and protects it from the unsafe UV – Uv rays of the sun.

In addition of using a natural product, you have to take all of the care in protecting your skin from direct exposure to the sun, especially the sensitive skin like back of hands, neck and face. Use a light sun block whenever you venture out under the sun. Use umbrella and scarves if there is more sun rays.

A word of caution here, there are lots of manufacturers, which sell their below average product through the label of natural products. You have to learn how to distinguish such bad items and stay away from them. Such companies do have one or two 100 % natural ingredients but the majority of their ingredients are artificial and chemical based. Browse the materials list cautiously just before buying anything. If you come across anything suspicious then simply just remove the product.

In a nutshell – how to get rid of age brown spots using all-natural products is a simple process should you read the elements list every time you buy something for that pores and skin.

So what have you been waiting for – implement the understanding that you just learnt and walk one step nearer to a smooth and flawless skin.

Luciana Veyron is a dedicated researcher of skincare health and products. She also shares her research on organic handmade soap- Made Naturally and Skin Friendly. If you wish to know how to keep your skin healthy by using handmade soap for your skin, visit – and learn about the homemade soap.

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