Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to Reduce and Get Rid Of Freckles

Some people are accepting of their freckles and some people depise them. Freckles are really just a form of pigmentation that some people develope on their skin from genes, hormones, and exposure to sunlight. While some pay big bucks for expensive laser removal treatments, which can permanently remove freckles. Most decide to just use simple techniques to help cover them up and reduce the appearance of their freckled skin.

  1. Step1

    Eat a balanced healthy diet and stick to your Vitamin C. The foods you put into your body can also change the outer appearance of your body and skin. Healthy vitamin enriched foods such as oranges, apples, carrots and so on have many complex vitamins that will help lessen the appearance of freckles on your skin. However, you can't expect changes overnight. It takes time for your skin to absorb the vitamins. You must maintain a healthy diet to see results.

  2. Step2

    Stay out of the sun. Period. Nothing is worse for your skin than the rays of the sun. Sun exposure will only bring out the freckles in your skin. If you are out on a sunny day, remember to bring a HIGH SPF sunscreen with you and remember to lather up 30 minutes before heading outside. You should reapply every hour or so if your swimming or sweating, as it will rub off your skin. The less your skin is exposed to harmful rays, the more your freckles will start to fade slowly.

  3. Step3

    You may want to try skin lightening at home. There are many homemade recipes for lightening the skin. Leaving lemon juice on your skin for 3-5 minutes a day may lighten up the pigmentation. Also, some say that a mix of baking soda and water being left on the skin for 3-5 minutes a day has lessen the appearance of freckles. Experiment and see if these tricks don't work.

  4. Step4

    Consider seeing a professional. Dermatologist and skin specialist can be pricey but if you really and truly are embarrassed of your freckles, they are almost sure to help rid you of the problem. There are many prescribed lotions, creams and treatments that you can use at home. There are even laser removal methods that can be done in an out-patient center to rid yourself of freckles.

  5. Step5

    Always consider makeup as a easy cover up. Try picking out a foundation that is slightly lighter than your normal skin tone and the color of your freckles. Mineral makeup seems to be the best solution to cover up freckles. Why? Because the minerals blend better than regular oil-based liquid foundations. Bare Minerals has been chosen the top-rated makeup in Vogue magazine for quick and full coverage of freckles.

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