Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to Remove Hand Age Spots


Age spots occur as a result of the chemical melanin--the skin's pigment--clumping together. Sun exposure causes age spots and the hands are one of the areas where the blemishes commonly appear. Age spots will have a brown or blackish color and have a flat and oval appearance on the surface of the skin. If the spots change color or size, you should speak to your doctor about examining the blemishes.

Step 1

Choose an over-the-counter bleaching cream to get rid of age spots on the hands. Effective active ingredients in these creams include kojic acid, hydroquinone and deoxyarbutin, according to the Mayo Clinic. Some product examples include Reviva Labs' Brown Spot Cream and Iman Skin Tone Evener.

Step 2

Wash and dry your hands, then massage the bleaching cream into them. Wash any residue off of your palms once you are finished. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how often you should use the cream. Most recommendations are that you apply the cream to the affected area twice daily.

Step 3

Use the cream for several weeks to clear up the age spots on your hands. The ingredients need to penetrate the surface to be effective. It may take several weeks or several months for the markings to go away.

Step 4

Speak with a cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon if the cream does not work. If your age spots do not fade with the cream or you want faster results, set up a consultation with a doctor. Treatments may include cryotherapy, laser therapy, or chemical peels. During cryotherapy, a freezing agent is applied to the age spots on the hands to get rid of the extra pigment. For laser therapy, a concentrated laser is focused on the age spot to destroy the extra melanin. Chemical peels use acids to burn off the top layers of skin to fade the age spots. Multiple treatments may be required to fade all of the age spots.

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