Monday, June 14, 2010

Beauty Tip: How to cover dark circles and imperfections

If your skin is absolutely flawless, concealer is a must. Then use the first is based skin blemishes and dark circles are hidden. The first step to hide, if it is dark circles or spots to choose the correct spelling. A good correction is not on a dry soil and make the skin look cracked but is smooth, creamy and easy to blend. Concealers that work best on a yellowish tone.

Dark circles:

Before Before applying concealer gently pat a cream under the eye of lighteye to moisten the skin. Use your ring finger on moisturizer and correction, because the skin is extra gentle pat on the field and the ring, which has the lowest strength is less likely to tear or pull.

According To obtain the application with a brush spell (like a soft brush lips) in the most difficult to achieve as the inner corner of eye concealer and get exactly what they were getting.

Apply the third corrector under eyes with regard to thelash line to the inside corners. Do not apply the correction for you, because the eyelids, eye shadow bends. Then pat the mixture ring.

Fourth on the foundation apply concealer, also in a patting motion around the eyes, be careful not to rub any concealer.

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