Sunday, July 25, 2010

How To Remove Dark Circles

Remove Dark Circles the Easy Way

Dark circles around the eyes are one of the most common complaints made by people. It may be caused by a number of things with some being completely unavoidable. Fortunately, the causes that can be avoided are easily solved. You just have to remember a few things.

Puffy eyes are often the result of being tired. This is what happens when you work or party late into the night. If you are really serous about getting rid of this problem, you should make the necessary steps towards that direction. Try to avoid staying up late as much as possible and get enough sleep.

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Make sure that you eat the right kinds of foods. Your body needs an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals for normal function. This in turn gives your skin a healthier look which reduces dark circles under your eyes. Drink plenty of water as well. The standard eight glasses should be enough to keep your body hydrated.

A few drops of lemon juice extracts or cucumber are all proven to remove dark circles under the eyes. These are natural ingredients so unless you have food allergies you should do just fine. Milk and tea dipped in cotton balls work just as fine.

If you have no time to do this, you can always rely on eye creams. These are specially formulated to remove eye bags. Night time creams are applied just before sleeping so they work throughout the night. They have the benefit of nourishing your skin as well.

Still the fastest solution to this problem is make-up. A concealer can easily hide these blemishes without a trace. On the other hand this only works for short periods of time. If you want a more permanent solution you have to do something drastic.

Cosmetic surgery is always an option. There are several procedures that can be done to solve your skin problem. Just ask your doctor before making a decision.

These are just some of the easy ways to reduce and even remove those dreaded dark circles under your eyes. Choose one that is right for you.

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