Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips for Women In Their Thirties

If you’ve crossed that line into your thirties, you might have started to worry about how old you look. This is the point in your life where each fine line or even the hint of a developing crease or wrinkle has you fretting. Don’t worry though, it’s never too late to take care of your skin. The following tips will help your anti-aging efforts as you enter into the ideal years of your life.

Don’t Smoke

Does this even need to be said? Unfortunately, judging by the number of women in their thirties who still light up, it does. Apparently the risk of cancer is not enough to convince many women to quit. Maybe if they knew how swiftly the appearance of their skin is aging because of cigarettes, they might think about going cold turkey. Nothing puts wrinkles and creases on your grappling and steals the suppleness and glow of healthy skin like tobacco. If you smoke, nothing will improve your skin’s health and appearance faster than quitting ASAP.

Another tip: If you don’t smoke, but spend a lot of time around those who do, get away from them. Second hand smoke isn’t helping you look any younger either.

Discover The Wonders Of Olive Oil

Sure, you can spend a lot of money on name-brand skin care products. You’re a woman in her thirties though, and you’re smart enough to look for more value for your shopping dollar. When it comes to skin care, nothing beats the price or effectiveness of calibre olive oil. You can use it as a moisturizer directly on the skin. Others like to add a few tablespoons to the bath while they soak. Ask around, and you’ll soon find that many women have already discovered how much of a difference using olive oil can make on their skin.

Respect The Sunshine

Maybe you spent a lot of time in your twenties working on the perfect tan. If you did, you might already have started seeing some of the long-term negative aging results of all that ultra-violet light on your skin. While it is important for your health to get at least a tiny bit of sunshine each day, you shouldn’t be basking in it for hours at a time any more. Enjoy the sun, but stop baking your skin in it. Use sunblock if you’re going to be outside for any length of time.

Remember, you don’t need a tan to look young and healthy. Also, don’t think for a moment that tanning booths are a innocuous substitute – they might still cause long term alteration and cause the appearance of your skin to age much more rapidly then you’d like.

Enjoy your thirties and think about the above anti-aging skin care tips as you plan you regular routine. Don’t worry about it too much though – worry itself can cause stress that will only add years to your grappling and could take years from your life.

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