Monday, August 23, 2010

Few Ways to How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Are you embarrassed and frustrated with dark circles under your eyes? These dark circles cause you to look older than your actual age. You look exhausted every time. The main cause of dark circles is anxiety, working late nights, attending late night parties and simple allergies.

The dermatologists believe that dark circles under the eyes are main caused by the oxidizing of blood which is present in the blood vessels around the eyes area. The blood leaks from the capillaries and causes oxidation called as a hemoglobin degradation .This degradation causes dark bluish pigmentation which seems to another people as if you are punched.

The minute and small particles seep out of the blood which settles in the susceptible area under your eyes. The red colour of blood changes to the purple colour which appears as you have been punched in a boxing match. The dark circles under your eyes makes you lower yourself esteem. You become self aware and crushes your self confidence. More over some people think that you do not take care of your selves. It makes your image as you are over stressed, while actually you are not so.

Use sun glasses. It hides your under eye dark circles. However it is not possible to wear these glasses all the time. You can go for dark circles product. There are many dark circles available in the market. Hlexin Serious dark circle is one of them. These products are specifically designed to reduce the dark circles under your eyes. It cures your discoloration and blue red pigmentation problem. More over these products prevents the leaking of blood by making the capillary matrix strengthen. So use these products and say goodbye to your dark circles. You can easily get rid of your problems in few days.

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