Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ways to Help Your Skin Age

Ways to Help Your Skin Age

That’s right; you read the title of this article correctly: ways to help your skin age. Why would you want your skin to age? Well, you shouldn’t want to help your skin age at all. But, if you are not avoiding the following habits, your skin will age rapidly.

Most people take a few moments of their time to read about proper skin care. However, when it comes to actually practicing good skin care habits, many forget all about the things that they should be aware of. In fact, most people are helping their skin to age with speed…even if they don’t know it. So, what things should you refrain if you don’t want to see small lines and wrinkles appear on your skin overnight?

Let’s start with the number one thing that causes skin to age quickly: cigarette smoke. There are numerous ways that your skin can (and will) absorb harmful chemicals from cigarettes. Whether you smoke; you have a friend that smokes; or you hang out in smoke filled places, your skin will become dilapidated quickly.

Smoking takes away vitamin C from your skin. Vitamin C is responsible for keeping skin young and supple, so detracting this essential vitamin from your skin will cause it to age quickly. Next on the list of skin’s most potent enemies is: the sun. Sun ages your skin. It’s really that simple. Skin that is not fortified by the sun will become leathery, dull, and lifeless within a matter of years.

If you don’t want to stay out of the sun completely, make sure to wear sunblock that contains an SPF of 15 or higher. Wear sunscreen each day – even when it’s cold outside! Now, let’s explore some things that you might not instantly think about when it comes to anti-aging practices. For example, did you know that a lack of exercise will cause your skin to age faster?

That’s right – if you remain sedentary, your skin is far more likely to take on a wrinkle appearance. The most exercise you get, the superior off your skin will be. Why? Exercise help with skin’s circulation, and it also helps to keep muscles tight. Try and exercise for at least thirty minutes per day to keep your skin in top shape. Also, refrain consuming things that might alteration your skin.

Ideally, everyone should take a massive amount of fruits and vegetables while avoiding alcohol. If this is not possible, keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. Alcohol can cause your skin to age over time. Additionally, alcohol can give the skin a flushed appearance. Anti-aging begins with feeding your body proper nutrients…and avoiding harmful foods.

Lastly, let’s speak about…stress. Stress is avoidable most of the time. Still, you can try and find some resting techniques that can reduce stress. Try: exercise, meditation, yoga, or a easy achievement to reduce stress. When something upsets you, try and breathe deeply before allowing your body to get out of control. Stress will age your skin.

Knowing about the things that will help your skin age will also prevent aging from happening. Try and practice these anti-aging tips regular for the ideal results. Even if you slip once in awhile, remembering how to keep your skin healthy and happy is the ideal way to keep your skin from aging.

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