Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Best Way To Remove Baby Fat – Throw Away Your Gadgets And Aerobic Class

After deliver their baby, most women will start to ask around this question: how to lose baby fat? If you have experienced this situation, you’ll know that with a little research effort such as typing some words in Google or buying several fitness magazines, you will have tons of answers. The problem is more than half of them are junkinformation that merely served as promotional purpose for certain fitness products or gadgets.

No healthy diet will exclude exercise from its program because it is almost impossible to burn fat without exercise (you can do it with a fasting diet, but you’ll get many negative side effects from it, especially if you’re nursing). However, Â you will never achieve flat tummy if you let the media brainwash you about this; “spot reduction” and “cardio” that you’ve seen at late night infomercial are no more than tricks to promote their products.

Logically, if you can shed fat by put a fancy gadget around your tummy or arm, you’ll meet someone with flat stomach and flabby arms or vice versa; but in reality, you never meet such person, right? The question “how to lose baby fat” can’t be answered that easily; you can’t expect a tool to do all the hard work for you; it just not works that way.

If spot training won’t work, then how do you remove the baby fat? You’ll never lose the fat if you aiming for certain spot, but you can do certain exercises to remove all the excess fat on your body simultaneously. That is how you remove unwanted fat and that is why you won’t meet someone with flat stomach and flabby arms. For flat stomach, your aim is achieving 16-18% body fat.

How to do that? This lead to the second manufacturer’s hype: cardio. You’ll find the “fat burning zone” in every treadmill and you are expected to play along with that. “Keep it in the fat burning zone and you’ll have flat stomach in no time” is the famous propaganda, but do you think you can attain significant result with exercise that you can do while watching TV? I don’t think so, and the majority’s results have proven it.

The real answer to the question “how to lose baby fat” definitely is not cardio, but resistance training. This is not the type of exercise that you can do half-heartedly or while doing something else, but the result will be worth the effort and time invested. In fact, a well designed resistance training session will burn a lot more calories while you’re doing it and keep your metabolism revved long after the session ended. A recent research even shows that your metabolism will stay elevated for more than 36 hours after you’ve done with your training. Another benefit from resistance training is the lean muscle that you develop will raise your resting metabolic rate, thus you’ll burn fat all day long, even when you’re doing nothing. Â Can an aerobic class gives you that much? I don’t think so. Check a few examples of resistance training supersets at toned body – how to get it.

Stay away from any overpromised methods and tools, including gadgets and pills; forget about “fat burning zone”, throw away that “spot reduction” mindset, and start put your effort on resistance training. By doing the right thing, you’ll get rid of that baby fat (and other excess fat all over your body) in no time.

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