Monday, October 25, 2010

Removing Age Spots – What is the Best Natural Age Spot Remover

You need the right type of product if you are going to be successful in effectively removing age spots. All of the cosmetics companies offer some sort of formula designed for age spot removal, but some of them contain ingredients that are better kept away from your skin.

A lot of the formulas for removing age spots feature low potency chemical bleaching compounds for lightening your dark spots, but these products can actually backfire on you. The areas that suffer from melanin hyperpigmentation are typically small, and chemical bleaches have a tendency to spread. This can lead to splotchy skin due to the area immediately surrounding the dark spot being lightened as well.

Many formulas designed for age spot removal contain a phenol known a hydroquinone, which has been proven successful in reducing the amount of melanin present in the skin. This popular ingredient has also been banned in several countries due to studies that have linked it to the development of leukemia. It is still widely used, so be very careful about what you buy.

Another popular treatment is the use of formulas that contain varieties of mercury as skin lighteners. As with all other forms of mercury, ammoniated mercury and mercury (II) chloride are highly toxic. The effect that compounds such as this can have on your health is enough reason for you to avoid the used of mercury based products.

You need to ensure that the age spot removal formula you are using contains nothing that could come back to haunt you somewhere down the road. You should be steadfast in your determination to only use skin whitening formulas that are completely all natural. Nothing should be in your products except enzymes, protein complexes, and plant derivatives.

The most potent natural ingredient available for effectively removing age spots comes from India, and it is known as Extrapone nutgrass root extract. This potent melanin inhibitor can reduce the severity of your age spots by 40%, and it will do it without any negative effects. Give formulas featuring this wonderful extract a try, and enjoy results you can’t safely get from anything else.

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